Tuesday, November 9, 2010

THREE things....

Today  back on the road.... 
my journey.... 
my focus.... 
my belief.... 
my strength... 
ME! getting it together

a picture worth a thousand words and thoughts
She is in the moment outside in the fresh air and sun shine  ready ...
on top of a hill.....and  her thoughts are shown on her face in a smile
arms open and raised ready to receive and being showered with blessings from above

Mental      THREE things that make it all go round and round - when Balanced

  MUSIC to stimulate my mind, body and spirit .... PUT IN ON in the morning
Music that calls to my spirit to Wake up, focus, tugs on my belief of who I am!
Motivates me with it's rhythm and tones

STRETCH and STRENGTHEN - 10 push ups and 10 squats - JUST DO IT!  everyday..... NO excuses.  That is the baseline everyday.

Eat foods that bring me strength, life and energy today.  Oatmeal for breakfast, Salad with protein for lunch and Soup for Dinner.  Fruit for my 3 snack (@10,3,8).  Stick with 200 calories for each of my meals and snacks.

HUG - yes touch, hug, kiss, hold hands.... physical contact for health

NO dumb dumb mindless stuff today - READ, LEARN, GROW...
Capture my thoughts today.  When I start to think of something sad... Pray
When I start to think of something negative - turn it around
When I start to think..... make sure it's uplifting positive and true

Seek and Find opportunities to proclaim what I believe.  Be and live who resides inside my heart.  May my actions match my words.  I believe I'm here to serve and worship my creator.  He is LOVE therefore I am a reflection of his LOVE in words and actions.

Now, stop with the excuses.... put on my big girl panties and just do it.... when I fall it's because I'm unbalanced.  So'll Ill brush myself off and get up and do it again.  I will not fail!

I have the desire and I have the 
power through my Savior 
to conquer this day for my
Health and Wellness.

Today I will slay the lions that come my way
Protecting those God has given to me to lead and care for
My Arms ready to give him the praise for  my accomplishments
for with God all things are possible
Do it for Me, Do it for Him
Do it for Health and Wellness

Salute!  To your health and wellness

in this picture David needed to be physically strong and healthy!  But without the inner strength from the God  and the mind filled with who he was in the Lord
that he served he would lack the courage to slay the Lion.  
WE ALL HAVE Lion's that we are up against......
Another example of the type of health and wellness we all need to strive for.... True?