Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6

Yea and Yipee..... I "pushed myself" to throw on the spandex pants and get going this morning. NO excuses... surprised myself. I was going to go to the gym but, even though it was cloudy... I NEEDED fresh air!

I planned on 15 minutes... but it turned out to be 30.
This seems to be the case for me.... aim for 15.... but then I get going and love it! I feel so fantastic when I get going. Blood pumping, breathing to live! It's incredible the sense of energy it brings. Not just to my body (which I can feel the muscles... little ache ) but to my SPIRiT and MIND! Praise God!

Plus, during the walk with occasional jog.... I listened to my i-phone music. It focuses me, and helps me to center my thoughts on a Prayerful time.

I thought as I was walking/jogging.... how I it felt to be in love. So consumming... day and night. I recall my appetite was reduced... because I couldn't wait to be with my love. I wanted to wake with him besides me.... Go to bed with him besides me.... see a sunset with him, SHARE my every moment. (yes I love my husband... but I'm talking about the deep in love emotion).

Well, Husband, children, work, home.... clothes .... shopping.... NOTHING can truly meet my need at the deepest point. ONLY CHRIST can truly meet that need.

Like the Women at the Well, I was thirsting ... for things that could not satisfy. And then I heard my savior speaking "come to the well, that never shall run dry."

So, My thoughts and prayers today is to be in love with Christ. Then I will be a WHOLE person that is capable of giving to those I love... husband, children, work, home, etc.....


Salute! Praying for you, for your quest for Health and Wellness