Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Do I Love me?" or "I don't Care"

If you were scheduled for a colonoscopy or a fasting lab test tomorrow... would you be able to not eat after 8 PM?   Would it take "will power"?

No,  you'd do it because it needed to be done. 

So, why does it take will power to NOT eat after 8 pm at night?  Don't you know it "needs to be done" for your health.

You must know that you're NOT eating because your body is requiring nutrition after 8 pm... it's not hunger anyway... your just....

You're just MINDLESSLY eating and probably eating sweets, ice cream, snacks....

Yes,  you're being watched!

So.... Stop it!

Look in the mirror and ask yourself  "AM I WORTHY OF LOVE?"
"Do I love me?"    

If the answer's are yes and you still want a bowl of ice cream...
then.... say to yourself.  

I love me... I want to take care of myself....
 but I..... just don't care!

Eat it... feel guilty.... get fat and cry when you  try to squeeze on your jeans.

When you're ready to stop hurting yourself,  when your ready to care about your health.... get on board with me and lets
 BALANCE  our life  together

That's what I'm doing in my blogging almost every day.


I'm writing this because I'm headed to the kitchen and it's 8:38 pm!
Preach it Sister!