Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Beginning and the END

                                                          Day ONE

Day one of Month One
Day ONE of Month ONE of year 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.... or otherwise known as
Today I made  choices will have an affect on the rest of my life

What I choose today determined what I have tomorrow

mock me if you want but this is a truth

Last night I knew I had several days of NO exercise.  I had all the excuses (I'm sure there are more, but these are the TOP 5 excuses people have to not exercise)

1. I don’t have time to exercise.  

2. There is no gym close to my house

3. I don’t know how to exercise
4. I have no energy to exercise
5. I have no one to work out with

Then I watched an old movie (oh, I love old classics)  
My Six Loves is a 1963 comedy film starring Debbie Reynolds as a Broadway star who takes a vacation and finds herself responsible for six abandoned children

As I was watching.... a women  in her 50's was doing exercises on the floor of her bedroom.
WoW,  it hit me.

Stop with the excuses ya pudding head. 
 I have a floor too!  

So I got on the floor (carpeted) and did some exercises and stretches while watching the rest of the Movie.

The consequences of excuses to not exercise =    poor health and a fat BUTT. 

My choice today impacts my life tomorrow!  

This morning... again... up hill battle in my mind.  I woke up late ( new years eve celebration) and started in on the excuses why I couldn't go for a  walk / pseudo jog.

So, I began chanting over and over "I'll feel better", "I'll feel better,  I'll feel better"... yes of course out loud I said this (I'm ok with being strange). 

 Over and Over I heard these words. (telling myself out loud that I'd feel better if I went walking)

  Soon I was putting on my workout pants and top, throwing my hair into pic tails, putting on my hat and sunglasses... grabbing my tennis shoes and socks.... hooking up my iPod and I WAS OFF!

It was true and I knew it.... an almost euphoric feeling of freedom as I hit the pavement in the sunshine.  Listening to my  work out songs of Spiritual Inspiration and secular songs 
(Gabe Dixon Band: "Find my Way" and songs from Mamma Mia) that are so up beat and fantastic.  

Walking almost makes me feel disconnected from what's happening around me 
(yes, I have to be careful to not get hit by a car when crossing the stree

Walking re-focuses me... centers me.... captivates and inspires me.  I walk, pray... sing (no... not out loud... yet very very very tempted to sing out loud). Occasionally, I breakout into a jog... attempting to build up until I can jog for longer periods of time (a goal).  

Today... I had a thought while walking.... about people believing in themselves.  
Believing they are a masterpiece!  Created by a Loving God. Beautiful Creations that need to be respected and Cared for.  It's just that....
Some people are a little like a  masterpiece of Picasso, some of Monet and some of Da Vinci!  
yikes some  people seem to be a masterpiece of 
Salvador Dali`

  I saw them on my walk today.....

 Just kidding, but maybe not.  Truth is..... we are all masterpieces of GOD and there is beauty in all of his creation.

Why do I fight myself and make excuses to not do this  incredibly, wonderful thing for myself everyday!  Don't I like myself?  Don't I think I'm worthy... am I trying to punish myself... 
I know that I'm not a lazy person.  I know that I'm smart enough to know the benefits and consequences of not exercising.  WHY IS IT SO HARD TO JUST DO IT!!!!

AGAIN, I remind myself in this blog.... 
it is a Spiritual battle... 
it is a battle of my mind...
it is a battle of my physical being.  

I have to fight it on ALL three levels.  

When I only try to deal on a physical level or mental level..... to eat right and exercise.... I seldom succeed.  

When I fight using my spirit, mind and body (all three)....  
I WIN every stinking time

 ...........A triple braided cord can not be broken  Ecclesiastes 4-12

I have got to remind myself daily: BALANCE!  (that's why I blog!)
Keep centered and focused about the need to balance:

Me, Myself and I
Physical, Mental and Spiritual (PMS)

Losing Weight: 
A battle that needs to be fought not only with your
WILL POWER (mental) but the POWER OF GOD in YOU (spiritual).
Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, exercise...(physical)

Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Feed your mind, body and spirit everyday 15 minutes each day

Salute! To your Health and Wellness in the coming year

apply this powerful principle to any challenge you face:

SEE IT in your Mind
Say it out loud over and over again
Believe it in your Heart (faith as a mustard seed)
ACT on it