Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sugar Buster Diet or Low Carb or Low Fat or COOKIE DIET!

Same ol, Same ol stuff..... a Billion Dollar Industry!  Weight lose Products, Info and Scams

Why not take advantage of a Nation of  People 
who choose 
"Immediate Gratification" 
over Healthy Choices.

God Gave us a Brain (some use it) .... why is this so difficult.

We have become a culture of  
"I want it now, no matter what the cost is later..... "

OUR Choice!  

We Know what to do, why don't we do it?

We are like little kids in a candy store.   Irresponsible when it comes to choices about food and exercise.

Listen to those who are NOT making money selling you on a diet or diet plan!

So much information available...... Yes, it gets confusing... but honestly... USE YOUR BRAIN

Here... a test for you.

When reaching for a snack (mid afternoon) should you reach for a bowl of
bowl of Almonds or M & M's?

When at a Buffet....  should you fill your plate with:

 Salads Fixings and raw Vegatables
Pasta's, Potatoes  and Pizza?

What is better for you APPLES or APPLE PIE?   

Come on Your not that DUMB......  IT is a question WHY do you choose   M & M's  over Almonds

Why do you Choose what you Choose?
Why can't you say no to a Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie  
(dang it, they serve these on the airlines that I fly..... 
"Please tuck in those arms as the cart comes down the isle with the " 
Warm Evil Chocolate Chip COOKIES")

When it comes to activites/Exercise:

Should you take the stairs up two flights or the elevator?

Should you watch the kids play ball or GO PLAY BALL?

Should you go to a Movie for the afternoon or go Bowling?


When it comes to your Brains...

Whatever..... the problem with " being overweight"  
starts IN THE HEAD 
and ENDS 

This is why I have blogged for a year now.... 
Getting a handle on being balanced! 
So I WILL want to Make the Right Choices consistently

ahhhhh forgetaboutit!

Here are some amazing Links........

Click here for the best link for Your Health

Bestselling diet plans don't necessarily work any better than do-it-yourself programs.
click on this link for an Article from Harvard Medical School on Diet Plans

A link for Harvard Medical School Health Report for Weight Loss

An excerpt from an Article :
For some people, the hardest part of losing weight is deciding what and how much to eat. For others, it’s figuring out how to squeeze exercise into a busy schedule. Some people find it relatively easy to stick with a diet and exercise routine, while others become bored or frustrated and need a little extra inspiration.
The following seven-day plan provides advice in all of those areas, in the form of the “three M’s”:
  • menus — to guide your daily eating choices (including recipes for healthy, calorie-conscious dinner entrĂ©es)
  • movement — suggestions for adding activity into your daily routine
  • motivation — lifestyle changes and habits that can help foster weight loss.

This is where I am..... It's NOT about  "DIETS"
It IS about LIFESTYLE changes 

In order to change Habits..... Change  YOUR Lifestyle...

In order to Change your Lifestyle: 

YOU MUST  FIRST BE HONEST about your Habits :

Yes, Look at the habits you have in all these areas!   Good ones and Bad ones
 When your ready to "GET HEALTHY"  you'll be ready to BE BALANCED.

That's what  I have to Say today!

Ciao, To your Health and Wellness

Day 8 of  getting up at 6 am  and Physically Getting  on my knee's and Praying ... oooo it looks like a habit is forming!!! (takes 21 days)