Monday, November 29, 2010

Go to the Mat and get a Butt kicking: Preparing for the Holiday

Ephesians 4:23
   Now your attitudes and thoughts must all be constantly changing for the better. 
(another version)
  And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind  
(having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude)

Once again, as I repeat to myself.... 

"be more concerned about feeding my  Mind & Spirit 
than my body 
when I wake in the morning,
RENEWING MY MIND and SPIRIT ....every day!

Wake up in the morning and "prepare" for another day.  

We NEVER know what the day will bring us.  
Sometimes good news, 
Sometimes bad news.

So feed and exercise ourselves Physically, Mentally &  Spiritually
 first thing in the morning to prepare for the day

Put yourself in check upon waking up.  Do you wake with a smile on your face and joy in your heart?  Hummmm (**mental note to myself about this- see below)

            So, when you wake and notice no smile, no joy.... RENEW the ATTITUDE!

This can be easily accomplished before moving your body out of bed.

FIRST - SLAP a big fat smile... yes teeth showing (scary before brushing teeth) on your face.

SECOND - Speak words of Gratitude for ... ya got it... waking up.  Reach deep to think of
     Three things to be grateful for... SPEAK it OUT!

THIRD - Offer yourself and your day to the Lord.  After all, you and your day is a gift - so
     keeping in the spirit of Christmas Season  "RE-GIFT yourself to the Lord".

Most of us dread dragging ourselves to the exercise mat or Gym... or outside to jog.  My suggestion.   Stretch before getting out of bed.  Yes, right there in bed stretch your arms and legs.    Stimulate your circulation before leaving the bed. Take some deep cleansing breaths.

There you go.... you've now accomplished  awaking and renewing yourself: 
 Physically, Mentally and Spiritually before getting out of bed.

Keep yourself in check through out the day.  Make some post it notes, a rubber band around your wrist, a voice memo on your phone...  "AM I Smiling?"  if not.... quickly think of three things to thank God for... then again offer yourself and day to the Lord.

It's almost December 1st!   Ready, Set, GO!   It's all about the season of Re-Gifting yourself to the Lord so you will be honoring him by honoring yourself.

It's your time to get HEALTH and WELLNESS into your being.

Ciao &
        Salute! to Your Health and Wellness 

Foot note:
**  waking up in the morning with a heaviness in our heart and mind is a symptom.
It deserves an examination into our heart and thoughts.   Are you:

Stressed out,  have unforgiveness/anger, you feel sorrow, disappointment, heartache, loss, jealousy, envy, resentment ....

These thoughts are based.... yes....  "ALL OF THEM" in fear.  

Love and Fear. 

 All emotions have their roots in either Love or Fear.  
Think about it.

Stress:  Fear of Failure
Unforgiveness/Anger: Fear of Rejection
Sorrow, disappointment:  Fear of loss
    (not a complete list... more to it, but this is just a snap shot of the concept)

So when you wake in the morning with no smile or joy... examine your heart and thoughts.

If your not able to pull out "what's wrong"... 
go to the "Mat"
(expression in the God Father Movie).  

Take it to the Lord and ask him to expose it to you. 
            (Maybe you need your butt kicked to straighten out your attitude)
 This can sometimes be painful to expose your root emotion of fear.

Easily remedied since  
                                             "In our Faith there is no room for Fear".    
This is where you can
exercise and feed and therefore strengthen your mind and Spirit . 
              Which in turn Strengthens and H E A L S  your body! 

Yes,  Headaches, backaches, skin problems, fatigue, depression.... all CAN be symptoms of a weak mind and spirit! 

True Health and Wellness is about having a 
                                            Strong MIND and SPIRIT as well as a strong Body.