Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thought tonight

In reading Dr. Caroline Leaf's Book on "The Gift in You" I've discovered some inspiring thoughts.

We are created HIS image.
God is LOVE
We were created to be Loving beings.

The author states that there are only two emotions and all other's stem from them.
1. Love
2. Fear

Now, at first my thoughts wandered into "does hate come from fear?"

She states that Fear is a "distortion of love".

Then, I'm reading about thoughts and how they are good or toxic. Well, this is also discussed in her other book I read first "Who switched off my brain".

So, this means that when thoughts are put into check (as we should be doing) then we can accept the thoughts that are good and NOT accepted toughts that are toxic; unforgiveness, hate, discouraged...

Well, I have a lot of thoughts on this and will be thinking about this.

However, one last thing.

If you were told you won $1,000,000,000.00 (just told) the WORDS you heard would put into action "neurochemical" reaction. Your heart racing, adrenalin pumping, feelings of euphoria!

If you were told someone you loved has died, the WORDS you heard would put into action "neurochemical" reaction.
Your heart racing, adrenalin pumping, breathing would change....

I see that THOUGHTS, WORDS are all taken into our minds and AFFECT us not just emotionally, but PHYSICALLY.

So, the statement I heard that 80% of ALL illness stem from our minds, is very realistic and plausable.

... being that it's very late, let me close with this;

This is what I BELIEVE: FEED your MIND
FEED your Body
FEED your Spirit
Detox your MIND
Detox your Body
Detox your Spirit

I'm discovering HOW this is done to contribute to HEALTH and WELLNESS



Ok, Day One.

Why do I say FREAK! ? Because, I woke up with being informed that my morning would be altered with a multitude of task that I didn't anticipate!

So, Day ONE didn't start with the beginning of developing HABIT!

YET, with an attempted sense of Humor and "positive" thinking IT"S FREAKIN 2 HOURS later and I'm just starting !

Ok, reality check. What a great challenge! Flexibility! Sense of Humor!

During this chaotic morning I was reflecting on "church camp" as a child. Loved, Loved, Loved summer Church camp every year from 8 years old to 15 years old. Great Experience.

When only 8 years old during my first Church camp I had a Spiritual experience. Now mind you I was Raised in Church! So the message wasn't new to me. But, I experienced the Touch of the Holy Spirit. I was filled and even experienced speaking in Tongues and "slain" as they call it. It was truly a mountain top experience. I would leave Church camp every summer ready to go and tell ALL my friends about Jesus. But, as you may know As soon as the Bus hit Sea Altitude .... my Faith and experience was challenged. It was as if the Devil himself would try to squelch my enthusiasm to be a Christian and Walk the Talk.

Again, I see even now as an adult when I attempt to change for the Better, Start a Diet, Start making positive changes... The Devil jumps right into the middle and attempts to Take away my excitment by placing CHALLENGES in my way.

But, I've become more resilent to these challenges. I see them as nothing more than a step up that I need to take when walking a easy road. So, This morning I step up ! I WILL shake off this morning as a learned experience, a challenge to my determination.

Today's scripture verse is:

Isaiah 40:31 (King James Version)

31But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

I will think on this verse today.... WAIT on the LORD! Think it, ponder it, talk it, walk it , LIVE IT~

Salute! Gotta get going!