Sunday, September 3, 2023


Just Thinking…

Oh to love those in our life as we want to be loved. Let’s talk marriage. 

We are so desperate and consumed to be respected by our partner and loved we can forget our own behavior, or “response” and only focus on theirs.

Something as simple as a spouse asking a question can be twisted to mean they are trying to manipulate and control.  Ok, maybe they are. But our perception is more important than their motivation.

Is it living in la la land to say - “love says we believe the best and hope the best from those we love”.

So, we set  boundaries and limits for those in our lives seems like taking control over our world, BUT

How about setting boundaries and limits for our thinking. 

For instance, while waiting for a test result… the “seed” of the thought is positive! Anticipating good news. Outside the boundary I have set is the negative.  Not allowed inside the boundary. 

Why? because the negative thought is unhealthy and full of fear.  I set the boundary by a fence that is built on the Word of God and His Promises.  Hence the photo I choose above.

Inside the fence is peace, love, hope, faith, joy and even singing and dancing !  Praising God, Thanking God. Trusting God!  Trees bearing the fruit of Christ. Healing, Victory !

This has merit ! When I deal with my spouse I “choose” to set the boundaries in my life to “Filter” what is being said with LOVE. And therefore I receive it in love. Not tainted by the pains and scars of the past. I can NOT be touched by anything negative. It’s a choice.

Exactly my thinking today. I have a fence around my mind and heart.  I choose to NOT allow negative thoughts IN.  My choice.  

Just my thinking today. And it brings me strength and peace.  I’ve used this photo on my iPhone to remind me. I have set the boundary of my thinking…. Praise God He is Faithful

Side note: Imagery is powerful.  When a negative thought comes at me I imagine my Rose covered Fence that surrounds my Mind and Heart - yes, it has a gate, but I choose to speak in Jesus Name - NO ENTRANCE  to thoughts that are based in fear! I then picture me inside the gate, protected inside the fence of my heart and mind Praising God, Thanking God for what he is doing, will do! Take the though and transform it by the Word of God!  Oh, those  fearful thoughts I take  and dismantle them with scriptures.  “Perfect Love cast out all fear”. “All things work together for Good…” 

 Painful Hurtful words can’t jump over my fence either. I KNOW who I am in Christ. I am a child of the living God and in Jesus I am worthy of Love.  

Just me thinking…..