Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 15 - Sermon?

Psalm 139:13-14  

 13 For you created my inmost being; 
       you knit me together in my mother's womb.

 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
       your works are wonderful, 
       I know that full well.

HAVE YOU ever tried to KNIT?  One stitch at a time   ... AHHHH

The point of this Scripture today - DAY 15
 is to acknowledge again (seems to be the theme this week).

RESPECT the Body that God Created.... in our mother's womb!
He designed me! What a thought!    The God who created the stars that fill the heavens that illuminate the skies at night.. the delicate fragrant petals of a rose.... A sunset... rainbow, the World around us is amazing and beautiful.

We ARE wonderfully made!  
                    Respect God, Respect what he designed!

I used the analogy about how we would tend to a tree we purchased.  This concept has stuck with me.  As I'm choosing food... thinking of water....
contemplating activities/exercise!   Would I do any less for an expensive Rose bush I want to BLOOM and produce.

The "21 days" to Health and Wellness is (saying this over and over) is about bringing Balance to our lives.   Spirit, Mind and Body.  ALL CONNECTED.

NO it's not about weight loss yet it is about being a healthy weight!

It's not an exercise program yet it is about being strong and energetic

It's not a devotional guide yet it is about tapping into our Spiritual Life 
                                                         for Guidance. 

When you want something - seek the Lord first!  Then in prayer you hold up your "want" to be first examined by the Light of Christ... 

If it is True, Lovely, Honest,.... 
the scriptures state you'll receive it!

It's about why we want what we want.
It's about where  our desires are placed ("put no other God's before me")

I'm talking about this since it's relative to the 21 day quest for Health and Wellness.  If you're about "a diet"  or a "exercise plan" or.... "spiritual greatness"...... ask yourself W H Y?

What else can I say..... why do you want to lose weight?
I'm not going to explore  all the possible reasons.

LOOK INWARD then prayerfully look UPWARD to 
hold up your "want " to be 
examined by the Light 
of Christ.

Ok, I'll say it.  If you want to lose weight so you'll be fantastic looking this summer by the pool ... well?   Your motivation is what will make or break your efforts.

Do you really feel comfortable with a prayer like...
"Dear God, Please help me lose weight so I can look fantastic by the pool this summer, and I'll have people looking and saying ooooooooohhh  she's hot".

It's taken me some "slap's in the head" to finally say...
I want to BE HEALTHY!
I want to BE STRONG!  
I want to be full of JOY!   
I want to live in LOVE; giving and receiving.

I believe, 100% that GOD honors those that honor Him.

He created you for his pleasure!

RESPECT your body...

It's time to DETOX  and the Feed

Body, Mind and Spirit

FEED your body -  Exercise those muscles (your heart is a muscle) which is feeding your body "oxygen".... and
fuel your body with the foods and liquids that takes your body to a new level of health.  DETOX your body

FEED your mind - "thoughts"  that are about Love, forgiveness, tolerance.... the MIND of CHRIST!  YOUR PURPOSE!  DETOX your Mind

FEED your SPIRIT - like Daniel in the Bible whom God saved from the Den of Lions... He was on his knee's Morning, Noon and Night!  Pray without ceasing...
see and feel your moments with a Spirit that envelopes every thought and action to reflect a Purpose Driven Life!  DETOX your Spirit

Ok, enough Sermon for today!

NOW, I ask you to take on this journey!  Catch the attitude of Passion to LIVE LIFE full of Joy and Excitement!  Wake up with a smile on your face knowing that YOU WALK with GOD!

YOUR CHOICE!  (where have your choices gotten you so far?)

 Salute to Your Health and Wellness