Monday, December 27, 2010

Are you hungry. Or is it your Appetite that needs a chocolate Brownie?

Continuation on yesterdays blog

Hunger vs appetite

Hunger is a physiological response that is triggered when your blood sugar falls below a certain level after a meal

Appetite is  said to be "The hunger of the mind"

Hunger can be satisfied by food but   appetites are seldom satisfied.

So here is ONE reason I believe that diets fail : the battle of ones appetite

Here is a simple way to look at this

When you sit at a restaurant perusing a menu, 
 do you seek out food to satisfy your hunger or your appetite ?
How much thought do you give when choosing a restaurant?

Again, I say that "appetite is the hunger of your mind"

Until we are honest with ourselves about our relationship with food we will be at war with our very basic decision to lose weight

Weight problems can be very complex! and not as simple as saying -
Eat less, exercise more, and you'll lose weight

If you've been reading my blog this past year, you know I have a theme
balance your physical, psychological, and spiritual being

There are psychological,physical and spiritual areas to explore when dealing with excessive weight issues

I'm on it!

Well that's all for now since I'm sitting in a hotel trying to blog on my ipad ... In the dark

That's another topic

To your health and wellness