Friday, October 22, 2010

Are you SPookY??????

ooooooo do you believe in spirits?   SPookY stuff --

I do!  (wizard of Oz Lion)... "I do believe in Spooks, I do believe in Spooks"..... hahahha

I'm not talking about Spooks (all though it's close to Halloween)
I'm talking about Your "SPIRIT"  happy, sad, glad, mad ????????????????

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow (body), and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart  

Within One scripture the Word talks about BODY, SOUL (mind) and Spirit. 
 This verse is like God is Surgeon and his Word is the Scalpel.   
He (God) is the one to go to when you need to Exam and detox your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Part of Good Health is to "Detox".  Yes, You can also detox your mind and your spirit!  You just don't use a gallon of lemon water with maple syrup!  Thank God for that.

Getting back to the "SPIRIT"

Get in tune with yourself and your "MOODS".... they are a reflection (symptom) of your "SPIRIT".

Up, down, in, out.... how fun are you to live with or be around?

Do you wake up with a solemn face... no smile and almost grumpy.... barking...
 "don't talk to me until I have my coffee"  

Mamma Mia... what's that matter with you!  You gotta no respect... 
(hahahah ..... makes me think of that funny song on You Tube: 
Shaddap You Face - sung by Joe Dolce

True?  - You have no respect for you and those around you when you Mope around...

think about it - Your body gets the message from your "Spirit".  Your body then responds.. .
ok maybe you say that your body is achy in the morning and therefore it makes you grumpy...

What really comes first:  The Chicken or the egg.

Is your body achy because your Mind an Spirit is unbalanced?   As a Registered Nurse and "achy" body can be a symptom of depression.  Think about it.  Your mental and spiritual health expressed in your body.

Your Choice!  Always

We know that even the world acknowledges that we are a spiritual beings.

We are told to have "team spirit".  We hear that alcohol was referred to as "spirits"
you know what I mean.....  Our Spirit if sick can make us sick in our body and minds.

I believe that we "catch" other peoples spirits - like the spirit of depression... spirit of anger... spirit of hopelessness.   Freak... poor people that are exposed to your spirit if it's down.

We can "catch" the Spirit when sitting at a football game.... it's amazing how we get "caught" up in the excitement and FEEL IT!


My point is this.  Part of Health and Wellness is about "self discovery".

Get in touch with what you do, how you act, what you think, what you say, what you do.  

Good Lord Man GET IN TOUCH WITH YOURSELF so you can detox and get healthy.

Too bad I can't send you to a lab and order up some lab test on "character or self worth" - WOW, what would your lab results show?

Respect your self
Honor your self

When you wake up "grumpy" or "down" or "no energy".... it's a SIGN!  READ THE FREAKIN SIGNS!  Pretty please, for your health.

Take the time to have the Word of God exam your soul (mind) and spirit.  Ask the Lord in prayer
to carve out the cancerous spirit of hopelessness, resentments, anger....unforgiveness.  These are the tumors that cause "grumpy, moody, depression".

Yes, You heard it hear!  

And as Lilly Tomlin would say -
hahahah........ LOL.....I can see her now in that over sized rocking chair ... saying

"and that's the truth!" 
 Laugh In show  circa 1970's

The healing for your soul and spirit is found in the Word of God this is where you "detox".

Healing for your soul and spirit is NOT found  in an 
"Apple Pancake" at the Original Pancake House.  
(pretty amazing  stuff.... but only 0.1 oz of nutrition found in a pound poisonous white sugar)

So,  I suggest  when you Wake up

 SLAP a smile on your puss,  Speak words of gratitude and appreciation to the Lord, stretch your body... and attack the day with the Spirit of "CAN DO ATTITUDE"  make it your best day ever.
Be YOUR OWN COACH  and get on the Winning Team.... Do it for  the "joy of living"

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness