Monday, November 15, 2010

Who has the ANSWER? Hand raised up saying "me, me"

John 14:6  

 6 Jesus answered, 

“I am the way and the truth and the life. 

No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 8:12  

 12Then spake 
Jesus again unto them, saying, 
I am the light of the world: 
he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, 
but shall have the light of life.

When we wake up in the morning more concerned with "feeding" our Spirit than feeding our face..... That's power!

When we choose to change lifestyle choices to reflect balance.... That's powerful!

When we choose to "continually" renew our mind 

to be transformed and not conformed

 We're truly living in Victory.

As I was triaging a patient who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia
 the other day, it was enlightening to me, once again what I was hearing.

No one "chooses" to be ill.  But the majority of illnesses are due to lifestyle Choices
About 47 million adults in the United States (almost 25 percent) have metabolic syndrome, and the number continues to grow.

Stats show that 80% of illnesses seen in the Doctors offices are due to lifestyle choices.

Without getting into more stats, documentation and effort on my part (ha)... here is my point.

When I hear people talk about "  losing weight".... my response it Keep it "balanced"

FIRST:   Seek the answer in our instruction manual- The Bible!  
             Why and how did  your body become.... to put it direct "fat"
             That's the first thing to do.   As in Nursing, we acknowledge the symptom - than
             look to find the "cause" of the symptom.  

          Being Overweight is a symptom, 

SECOND:  After it's acknowledged that being overweight is a symptom.  
                   Take responsibility for the lifestyle choices you have made in the past and 
                  choose to change those choices.

THIRD:  Make a goal and then Develop  the Plan   
                 (all this is how we go about dealing with    an illness in a patient) 

The success is in both your level of awareness of the problem and your determination is to take responsibility

So, getting back to the person dealing with fibromyalgia.  I not suggesting I have a miracle cure.  I am suggesting that when a person becomes balanced in their lives, they have a better chance of increasing the quality of life with this diagnosis or any other diagnosis. 

The framework for my suggestion to any patient dealing with an illness 
(mental or physical)

1.  Acknowledge how your are made and who made you, and why you were made, and what your purpose for living is....  FEED and EXERCISE your spiritual Man every morning!

2.  Acknowledge your body's needs for vitamins, proteins and minerals.  Fibers, fruits, vegetables and clean source of proteins,  (I choose as much a possible- ORGANIC)
Balance the choices of foods and the portions of what you eat.  Be responsible to know
what your eating, why your eating, when your eating, how your eating!  

3.  Acknowledge your body's need for exercise and activities.  Not just pumping iron or doing aerobics.  Then mind body connection of activity!   FEED your body Fresh air, sunshine and activity.  Exercise that heart muscle with aerobic exercises.  Reduce the cholesterol level with  10,000 steps.  Increase your bone density with using weights.  
Detox your body with expanding your lungs - breathing deep!

4. Acknowledge your body's need for healthy thinking, thoughts.  Take responsibility for what you FEED YOUR MIND.  Make healthy choices by what you choose to watch on TV, movies... what you choose to read, listen to.  What you choose to expose your mind to is the difference between a life full of hope, truth and light and one who lives in darkness, despair and disappointments. 

I think I'll hang up my own "shingle".... the Nurse is IN.

Gotta Run

To your Health and Wellness, Salute!