Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Snooze button - Day 10

Why?   Why is there a snooze button on ALL alarm clocks?

Good thing, because I've always like to hit the "snooze" button.

Why is there a snooze button?
       (sounding like my Dad.... curiosity is the wind that moves us to grow!)

This is a question   resonated in my head this morning.

Question: What else in life do I hit the "snooze" button on?

Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.

S T O P    That!

If I went to bed last night with the intent on getting up at 6:30am because made a plan... then why did I hit the snooze button?

Because..... ( in Italian the slang word would be... "Ma).... ha ha  I just thought about the fact that the slang word  for because is "Ma".  Because is used at the beginning of   EXCUSE!  Twist that around and it sounds as if we're pleading with our Ma (mothers).  hahaha

I digress (As usual)

Seriously,  what else do I make a plan and then find excuses to not do or put off?

I know, exercise!   Absolutely.   I make a plan like..... I'm going to walk  during my lunch hour at work.   S N O O Z E

I'm going to stretch every night before bed.  S N O O Z E

I'm going to NOT eat any white food.  S N O O Z E

I'm ..... well, you get it.

As I have been traveling down this road,  I've been seeking the ROOT cause of my failures.  Like in the years of attempting to lose the weight. Weight that I had SLOWLY put on over the years.  20 lbs over my ideal weight!  Many Many Many attempts to get "back in shape"  all seemed to fail.....  why?
I HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON tooooo many times.

Well, enough!

Root cause, (I believe) is because I was UNBALANCED.

I've listened to MY BODY toooo many times and not engaged my mind and spirit to balanced what I heard and felt.

My body in the morning say's.... "ooohhh ooooo..... hit the snooze button cuz it's really ok to catch a few more winks... can't you feel how achey and tired I am...I'm too tired to get up yet.... ooooo, I'm so comfy in this's really ok "

Where is my "Spirit" when this is happening....I know that my mind is too out of it to tell the body to SHUT UP and GET UP.

WHO controls WHO

Balance!   My answer to the morning thing

When I begin to awaken in the morning.... I put on a BIG SMILE (this takes NO effort),

then I say some type of morning Praise to the LORD (again, no real effort). 

Several things have occurred.
MY mind tells my body to Smile big (this is a habit that should happen without thought)
MY body tells my mind "hey I am happy,  look I smiling"
MY spirit tells my body and mind "hey she's grateful for the day"
MY body tells my spirit "I don't want to get up, I'm tired"
My spirit and my mind tells my body.... "TOO bad We are ready for a new day"

Notice how I wrote the above with the "I" when my body talks... and I'm in the 3rd person when my spirit and mind talk..  Interesting.

Visual imagery is VERY powerful.  Like the blog I wrote about when I said " SEE Jesus" standing with you all day long.  Imagine him NEXT to you when you're sitting, standing, walking, eating, talking, sleeping..... it'll change what and how you do things! It should.

Well, today I'm going to imagin when I have to make a decision that I SEE a  BIG SNOOZE BUTTON next to me.  When I have something I need to do, am I choosing the snooze button.   If so, let my body, mind and spirit have a talk!

Balance!  Can't fall when Your balanced.
  (ok, if someone or something tries to push you over it'll be more difficult if your balanced... if they succeed (doubt it) then the LORD will catch you.... remember He IS in you and besides you.  HE IS... he loves you so very very dearly.  He just wants to have a relationship with YOU.  Imagin the GOD of the UNIVERSE wants a relatioship with YOU.

John 3:16  

 16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
 that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

Now,  Go show God you love him too!  Take care of HIS temple "YOU".

Salute!  To your health and wellness

Putting on Worship music is an INCREDIBLE power tool to center yourself and create the atmosphere that  actually feeds your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT! 
Listen to worship music when you wake, when your driving..... everywhere... Mangi