Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hiding behind the Fat or Prisoner in your Body

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When I am Asked "wow, you lost weight, how did you do it?"

I don't seem to have a Simple answer.

So today I was thinking about how I could answer that question as simple as possible

                  HOW "did" I lose the menopausal weight?

I thought of losing weight being like.... "Wanting to Bake a Cake"!
You need the right Recipe.
 (funny way to think of "how to lose weight"  as "how to bake a cake")

But it's true,

If you wanted a CAKE 
could you just stick a
 Cake pan in the OVEN
HOPE for a Cake? 

 Of course not!  You need to have the right ingredients and follow a great  recipe

Isn't that true for most of what we want out of life.... it takes gathering the right "Truth"
Using time  and energy as we  measure it out, our energy and commitment to see it through, and  then putting it in the Oven and  having patience's (waiting)  while it takes time for aroma of success to unfold. (well, kind of dumb, but you get the picture, right?)

Oh sure,
people want to just POP a pill in to their body,
like you POP a cake pan in the Oven and HOPE to get results!                                             
W A K E    U P  and Smell the stupidity!

So, I'm going to endeavor to write a type of  recipe  for Losing Weight.  

I think, I think I got it....
Just like any recipe, if you forget an ingredient... it won't turn out right.
Like forgetting  baking powder.... FLAT CAKE!  Or just throwing a bunch of ingredients into a cake pan and sticking that in the oven ... Oh forget it... what a mess!
Seriously,  You need to follow all the steps, not leave out any ingredients and properly prepare the cake batter before putting it in the oven.   Same truth applies here!

(get ready, it may get brutal)

The First steps in the Recipe are as simple as  A B C D

  Soul search WHY Are YOU FAT?  - ahhh Admit YOUR FAT
"Hi my name is Dumb-Dumb and I am Fat" 

What? you think you're really hiding the fact that you're fat, or pretending you're ok being a "little overweight"?  Come on... 20 lbs over weight is like carrying around another person (ok, a toddler)

We are a judgmental, critical and may I say hypocritical society.  Don't kid yourself, people DO judge you by how you look.  Ever hear of "first impressions"?  You're look is your first impression.   It shouts out either:
             "I respect myself, therefore I take care of myself"
"I don't respect myself therefore I neglect myself"

THIS IS NUMBER "ONE" to  a weight loss program: Respecting yourself
You heard me..... deal with it!  Yes, it hurts!  That why we avoid admitting the truth.

IF your BMI (body mass index) is:
25 to 29.99 You are OVERWEIGHT
30 to 34.99 You are OBESE (class one)
35 to 39.99 You are OBESE (class two)
40 or Greater... YOU ARE MORBIDLY OBESE!

CLICK HERE TO: Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) Metric BMI Calculator Height ft in Weight lbs Or use our BMI Chart to determine your Body Mass Index.

Abdominal obesity:

 a waist circumference over 102 cm (40 in) in men and over 88 cm (35 inches) in women.

If you don't believe you "really" have a problem (you're in denial) and you will 
fail at any attempts to lose weight.

you can't change something you don't really believe needs to be changed

What so bad about being a little overweight? Are you saying "so what" I'm happy?
Excuse me but I need to say that Overweight people are NOT healthy people because they are at risk for Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease to name the TOP two!


No one who is FAT is or will ever be considered "healthy"

(activity and exercise is not where you start in this recipe - FOOD is the Number one problem with obesity,  Exercise is the FROSTING on the CAKE)

*Note: although most would like to say "my weight problem is due to a metabolic problem" (thyroid being THE number one EXCUSE), it may be.  
But real excuses or not ....YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROBLEM  
Take responsibility for your health, please.  Yes, Menopause is a culprit to weight gain (especially in the waist) BUT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 
YOU are a victim by choice

STOP being a Prisoner in your BODY!

"B"ackground Work
Take a  SERIOUS look at your relationship with FOOD
Yes, you may not know this but you have a RELATIONSHIP with food.
It can be a love, hate or addictive relationship, but I guarantee it is a Relationship.
It started when you were born, bottle fed, breast fed.... how you were brought up,
culture ........... ah, the Italian mother... "eat something.... manga"

Reason you're fat:   C O U L D    I T    B E? 
Is it because you have a unhealthy relationship with food?
Is it because you have poor habits?
Is it because you have NO respect for your body?
Is it because you're feeding the demons inside you, trying to sooth them?
    * demons: unforgiveness, anger, FEAR

"C"heck your Habits
   HABITS!   Eating is a habitual event in our lives.  
We eat without giving much thought to 
we are eating.... 
if it's there ....WE EAT.  
If we're bored, we eat  
If we're stressed, we eat  
If we're celebrating we eat  
If we're socializing, having a business meeting.... 
If it looks good, we eat it
WE freak'n Eat just because ... we have a relationship with food

It's obvious food has become an indulgent passion... cooking shows, TV commercials, advertisements.                                                                                                      FLIP, even our beauty products smell so good we wish we could   eat them!  

Creamy  Sugar Sweet Vanilla scrubs for our face  and body
 Gingerbread hand lotion! 

ok, maybe sometimes we do eat once in a while because we ARE hungry.

Did you know that thirst is many times mistaken as hunger?  True

Seriously,  if you wrote down every time you ate and noted how you felt when you choose to eat something, 
how often would you write :

"I had hunger pangs?" 
 "I felt hungry"

There is a difference between actually being hungry and feeling hungry
"FEELINGS" are not always our friend

Have you ever found yourself walking to the kitchen while muttering to yourself 
"I really don't WANT to eat... 
but  HUMMMMM what shall I eat?"

THE Next part of the Recipe

"D"iscover yourself  (yes, Self Discovery)

  Start a Journal or a Blog as your first ACTION 
This is  all about a Journey  
You will write down your feelings about food and about eating.  How you feel when you eat, when you desire to eat, how you eat 
(shovel it in, or take your time)  
Journalize anything and everything about who you are and how you feel in life
this is about "self discovery"                                                                                 (you  probably have been hiding the real you behind the "fat")
I told you it may be brutal

It causes stress for us, when  we try to believe we're ok being heavy.  Our body's stress's when we see someone "thinner than us".... right?
There isn't a women alive that wouldn't admit she "hates trying on bathing suits"
So stop lying to yourself.... discover what you really want for yourself.

Let me cut to the Quick here:  

It's REALLY not about LOSING WEIGHT!  
(negative word: losing)

It's about Gaining HEALTH!  
(positive word:  gaining)

this is very important!

Two things here:   It is human nature to want MORE  
So when we say to ourselves:  

"I want to GAIN"   
we can't help but move into a winning attitude with 
this positive word

When we say 

"I want to Lose"
We have sabotage our efforts because we've  used a negative word

 Attitude is what determines success

This leads me into what I believe is the Key that unlocks the door to weight loss


ALL my blogs for the past 2 years have been about BALANCE


I have discovered that in order to "lose weight" 
I had to choose to GET HEALTHY as my objective... the weight loss followed!

The battle of Weight loss is truly a battle  of our Physical , Mental  and Spiritual being

When we are "overweight" it is a systemic problem.  
This means it "STEMS" from our unhealthy Mental, Spiritual and Physical choices and is woven into every part of our being until it takes over

Yes,  it is our choice

if we spent as much time dressing up for the day "spiritually" as we do physically... WOW  that would be powerful

if we spent as much energy seeking "mental" food that nourishes us and helps our minds to grow strong, as we do physically seeking "where and what we're going to eat"... WOW that would be powerful

Balancing our world
Balancing our lives
Balancing our thoughts
Balancing our BEING

......  that is when we will have what we really need 
 "Health and Wellness"

Yap.... there is the NITTY gritty of "GAINING Health" and (losing weight as the benefit)

Most of my blogs have bit's and pieces... I'm going to try to put them in ONE easy step by step order