Sunday, January 2, 2011

Open the Refrigerator or Open your Mind

Knowledge is power.

Sir Francis BaconReligious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597 English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 - 1626

Thank you Sir Francis Bacon.... but I say Knowledge  is this.....


Let me put this in a picture: Our Mind is like a refrigerator full of food (knowledge)  

Until WE OPEN UP the refrigerator (our mind)

and take out the food (knowledge)

and make it a part of us by digesting it (action)


Knowledge is only power when we USE IT!

Take the knowledge about Healthy Foods

Take the knowledge about Exercise

Take the knowledge about Stress reducers

Take the knowledge about "positive thinking"

Take the knowledge about Healthy lifestyle choices

Take the knowledge about the Word of God

Prepare it in a way 

that you can "ingest"(put it to action)

it on a daily basis  

Use it or lose it

I thought of this when reading my current book Dr. Colbert's 

"I can do this" diet. (it's not a diet!).

It's amazing the information we have available.... or can easily obtain.

I cherish the scientific approach to weight problems.

In the chapters on Understanding Weight Gain and Loss 

there is information on the "many" reasons 

people gain weight and have difficulty with weight loss.

"CAN DO" points to remember (page 53)

  1. Muscles cells burn about 70 x's more calories than fat cells, which is why they are so crucial for maintaing weight loss
  2. Skipping meals or going for more than twelve hours without eating lowers your metabolic rate by about 40%
  3. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate
  4. A sluggish metabolic rate is usually caused by crash diets, yo-yo diets, overeating, skipping meals and choosing the wrong foods.
  5. Chronic stress lowers the metabolic rate and programs the body to store fat.
  6. Aging usually is associated with hormonal imbalance, muscle loss, and a lower metabolic rate.
  7. Aging usually is associated with hormonal imbalance, muscle loss and a lower metabolic rate
  8. Many medications lower the metabolic rate
These are NOT EXCUSES 
but area's to explore so they can be addressed when seeking 

 87 years old when she completed the 1999 London Marathon

So you have bad knees?  How about no legs?

When patients tell me about "reasons" why they can't exercise... It's difficult for me to not call them out.  It's not "reasons" it's "excuses".  

And they are not always valid excuses.

Excuses are sometimes rooted deep in our unconscious mind or spirit (that's why we need to balance our lives ( PMS )

One of the Points today:  
Muscles increase metabolism!  So increase your muscle mass by exercising.


See your self doing it

Say to yourself "I can do this"

Believe that you can do it


Sometimes it's not the fat in your belly that is the problem... it's the fat in your head.   

Use your brains

Use your knowledge



Salute! to your Health and Wellness

PMS: Physically (see)

Mentally (say)

Spiritually (believe)