Monday, January 31, 2011


John 6:35  

 Then Jesus declared, 

“I am the bread of life

Whoever comes to me will never go hungry,

and whoever believes in me 

will never be thirsty

I am Still pursuing:   Developing habits that change my lifestyle to reflect 

my  NEED turning in to my WANT to 
Feed my Spirit and Soul before I feed my Face

Seeing how FOOD

 Spiritual Food, 
Mental Food 
 Physical Food

 NEEDS to be 

Seeking Health and Wellness by Balancing my Walk in this Life

The blessing of seeking this will be Optimal Health and Wellness
When I am Healthy I can fulfill my Purpose
Even Creation Reaches to the Sun (Son)

When I am Healthy I can focus on Others instead of Myself

When I am Healthy I can not just cope but Triumph over the Challenges of Life

When I am Healthy I reflect my Creators Perfect Will

To live in Health and Wellness is
To Dance  
To laugh
To Sing
To Love
To Be

To live in Health and Wellness is
to have Peace
to have Strength
to have Wisdom
to have Victory 

To live in Health and Wellness is to

To live in Health and Wellness is to 
Live in His Promises

It takes 21 days to form a Habit (or change a Habit)

What's Your Habit?

When you're W A N T I N G  to eat
Reaching for something to eat

ask yourself
Why am I eating
What am I eating

What time is it?  Time to eat?
Where are you eating?  

If  it is not time to eat ........

(Your body not requiring Nutrition but you are 

Mindless eating because your"

 bored, lonely, tired, sad.... just a habit to continually eat)

trying to "Satisfy" something your feeling.....

Before you Reach for "food"
Close your eye's... 
Take a few deep breaths (Breath) breath... breath.... breath....
Then THINK.... (THINK) think.... think.... think..... think....

I must FIRST  (seek) eat the 
"Word" of God  and  
"Thirst after His Righteousness"

Then QUOTE a Scripture ! (Power in speaking His Word)

that which is:

  True, Lovely, Honest, Pure

Food that is BALANCED

the Right Combination

at the Right Time

For the Right Reasons
In the Right Place

Ciao and Salute! to Your Health and Wellness

(it's day 16 of "falling to my knees" in the morning -
   Asking, Thanking, Praising.... Feeding my spirit and soul 
   before I go and feed my face!)

Now.... 8 glasses of Water today
15-30 minutes of exercise/activity 
15-30 minutes of time feeding my Spirit/Soul

MIND in check.... are my thoughts true, lovely, pure, honest?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Are you struggling with weight loss?

Well the Question for me has been:

Just thinking about what
I need and what I want

When I look at a menu at the Restaurant,
                   Do I look for what my Body NEEDS or what my Body WANTS?

                   Do I look for what "sounds good to eat"  or what is "good to eat"?

When I'm shopping at a store
                    Do I look for what I NEED or what I WANT?

When I open my mouth to talk, DO
                    DO I think of what the person NEEDS to hear or what I WANT to say?

When I wake in the morning
                    DO I think of what I WANT to do or what I NEED to do?

Needs vs Wants....

My Journey is about renewing my 
Mind, Body and Spirit 
so that 
 My WANTS  agree with what I NEED

When what I want doesn't agree with what I need
then what I need  is to 
re-think why I want what I want
and  what I need to do is
re-think what is it I need

Help me MR. BILL!  (SNL)

Romans 12
1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, 
to offer your bodies 
as a living sacrifice, 
holy and pleasing to God—
this is your true and proper worship. 
2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, 
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is
his good, pleasing and perfect will.

God's will is for you to be HEALTHY and WELL

It's really not that complicated:   Make intelligent choices!

You have got to know that an apple is a healthy choice over apple pie

You have got to know that a Green Salad is a healthy choice over French Fries

You have got to know by know Snacking on cakes, cookies and candy when your
     BMI say's your overweight/Obese is Foolish!

You have got to know you need to eat respectable portions!

You have got to know your body Requires 3 balanced meals a day - And a Snack shouldn't be the size of a MEAL


Look at the Menu and SAY....  Hummmm I think....
"I will need One protein, One Vegetable, One Fruit
One Starch.    And.... 
Right, No fried foods please....and No items that have more calories than nutrition
and no items that are laden with Fats...."

"So I will have the ___________" 
(fill in the blank, pudding head!)

           Please.... SAY
                     What item on this menu will meet my BODY's NEED?

Thank God there isn't a Gas Station that has 10 choices of Gas for your Car

.... if there were  what would you WANT?

Would you buy gas that was $1 a gallon even 
if it Harmed your engine?

.....would you want  
Gas that Smelled nice and emitted a delightful fragrance and that was pumped by a gas station attendant (ahh those were the days)  
EVEN.....if it Harmed your engine?

How about this: Can you NOT stop for Gas because you Don't WANT to STOP ?

        No dumb dumb.... 
  •         You HAVE to STOP because your CAR NEEDS GAS!
  •         The RIGHT choice NO matter how expensive it is
  •         You can't run a car without the right type of GAS 

Well,  Pudding head
Ya can't run your body without Stopping and Eating the Proper FOODS
 OR ...... You'll HARM YOUR BODY!

What I'm say.... is this is how  STUPID we are with our MENU choices.... 
            Eating Fast Food because it's cheap and convenient
            Eating what looks good
            Eating just to Eat, like it's  our entertainment
            Not eating properly.... chronic snacking!

Change the way you see FOOD and EATING..... it's Purpose!


So,  RENEW your mind 
by developing healthy Habits 
Changing your Lifestyle so that you will 

WANT what you NEED.

There, I said it!

Salute to Your Health and Wellness

Friday, January 28, 2011

Feed your Spirit Before your Face - DIET

One more bite isn't really going to make you feel happier, now is it?
Ten more minutes of sleep really won't make you more rested, now will it?

Two things I thought of when it comes to PRACTICING good healthy choices.

Ok, so the ten more minutes is not a big deal... except it may be an indicator that you will probably also say ...

"hey, I'm feeling full.... but ahhhh it taste so yummy..... one more bite!"
Just ONE more bite....
Healthy or Not.... WHY one more bite when you are feeling FULL?

Seriously, what is the deal with ONE MORE BITE....
          even when  I can feel my stomach feeling full... 
I still shovel in another spoon full
Isn't that the reason you eat to .... EAT UNTIL YOU ARE FULL?

No and Yes,  We should Eat until we feel full (not satisfied)
Eat to Nourish your body
Eating until we are satisfied?  Yikes.... we'd eat ourselves to DEATH!
Eat until we feel full.... DO WE REALLY LISTEN?

If my stomach says "hey, dummy I'm full... don't eat another bite"  

then,   my brain says  "hey, dummy down there..... are you not FEELING the sensation of being full... STOP!"

Then (I ASK) when does the Spirit step in and say... "you poor soul,  trying to SATISFY something that food will NEVER truly satisfy". We are mostly deaf to listening to our spirit.  We're so use to either ignoring it (our spirit speaking to us) or telling it to SHUT up!

So, if your BODY is talking,  and Your Mind is talking,  and Your Spirit is trying to get you to listen....

Tell me again....WHY oh WHY do you need that "last" bite of food?

(THIS IS WHY I BLOG...... to ask myself these questions)

Do I take "one more bite" because:
Is it because I DON'T trust my body's messages?
Is it because I DON'T really trust my thinking (Brain)?
Is it because I DON'T really trust the Lord to Satisfy my Soul?

                      THIS is why DIET's do NOT work or DO NOT last!

A surgeon can cut out a cancerous tumor....

but a person 
OF their lives
the things that contributed to the 

Yes, I have said,  80% of illness and diseases are related to LIFESTYLE CHOICES.
20% of those afflicted did NOT contribute to their illness by poor choices.

         Hey, that's still a lot of people responsible for their illness/disease.

And of the 80% who become ill....  it's the choices they make that make a difference in their prognosis

Tough and Tender subject.....

The point is this.... IT IS OUR CHOICE 
how we walk in HEALTH or ILLNESS

I'm not just taking about Physical Health

I'm also talking about our PSYCHE... our Mental Health...
I'm also talking about our SPIRITUAL Health.....

We need to cut out the ugliness....(bitterness, un-forgiveness, anger, resentments...etc)
     The word of GOD is the scalpel that can cut it out!

A subject you won't get in  most diet books.... an area that is seldom touch!  

I don't understand... 

when we neglect this   ... Well.... 

YOU WERE CREATED to Walk in Health and Wellness

If you're fighting a weight issue.... go to your Instruction Manual (The Word of God.. the Bible)  There is a troubleshooting section! 

The medical cost of obesity in the United States may be as high as $147 billion 
A Typical AMERICAN family ? How sad is that!

76.5% (159 million) of Americans identify themselves as Christian.

Prevalence and incidence statistics for Overweight:  
approx 1 in 3 or 35.70% or 97.1 million people in USA

Let think about this...... 

If  1 in 3 people in the US are overweight and approx 

7 in 10 people say they are Christians then  

Well, what do you think about this....?

Tough for someone to stand a a pulpit and tell the congregation

that being overweight can be symptom of a SICK Spiritual life ? 

(especially if the preacher is overweight!)

Come on.... lets get WELL TOGETHER

Those who know me... know I don't pull any punches when it comes to the truth

I shoot from my HIP!  

Stop the focus on the loosing weight so you can FIT in your Jeans

Start focusing on FEEDING your Spirit

as more important than feeding your face!

Feed your Spirit and Mind an Body

Ingest and Digest Healthy ORGANIC FRESH things

Things that are TRUE, LOVELY, PURE and HONEST

It's ok... Have ONE more bite of Spiritual FOOD!

You will thank Yourself

Ciao and Have a FANTASTIC day

Salute! to your health and wellness

This day 13 (21 days to develop a habit)

                       of fall to my knees in the morning before I feed my face!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Go the land of Dr. Oz for Sleep

Funny thing  happened this morning.

I thought that I set my alarm for 6 am  (day 12 of the 21 days to form a habit of waking at 6 am to "fall on my knees" and pray... feeding my Spirit before I feed my FACE)

Well, I woke on my own in a very dark room... thinking it may be the middle of the night since I at times experience a little insomnia.

I looked at my clock and was surprised it was 5:58 am.  I then calculated how much sleep I had received since I went to bed at 11 pm (I think I was looking for an excuse to say I needed to sleep longer since it's important to get at least 6 hrs of sleep).  Ah, dah.... 11 pm to 6 am is 7 hrs.  

GET UP LAZY BONES! (I said to myself) since it was almost 6 am

Oh, as I layed there for a few more minutes waiting for the alarm to go off.... IT DIDN'T
   I checked and found I didn't properly set the alarm. oops!

So, as I slid out of bed onto my knees I thanked God for gently waking me this morning... instead of a crazy loud alarm!  So sweet.... to wake up gently.

so..... I thought I  would blog on what I heard the other day watching Dr. Oz 
(I really don't watch TV... I see his show during my Air Travel, since I frequently take a 1:15 pm flight on weekdays)

Now, that I made it a point to point out I rarely watch TV (hummmm)  Ok, TV is on often at my house... BUT I'm always doing something with the TV in the back ground.... Hey, Women seldom relax like men.... we are DOERS!  It would stress me out to SIT and Watch TV not being productive.  

That's another blog...  

Good Grief stay....on point!

Dr. Oz had a segment on the health risk of Sleep deprivation.  Very interesting information.  When I heard "weight gain" due to loss of sleep... I thought I'd look into that further. 

Here is the info and a link.....  be Inspired! 

In the Wake of a Sleepless Life
While occasional sleep loss is bothersome, chronic problems can take a toll on the body. No one understands fully why the body sleeps, but there are certain functions that restore and refresh the body. Your blood pressure decreases; heart rate slows; appetite, stress and insulin hormones quiet; and blood clotting cells take a break. Keep the body awake and you are subject to weight gain, heart disease, mood disorders, decreased immunity, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Click here for Link to Dr. Oz  and information on Sleep

Scriptures speak to the idea that Fear can be the culprit with sleep problems
  (symptom of depression can be a  lack of and or too much sleep)

FEAR can be a  Possible reason for Sleep Problems !
an imbalance in our Mind and Spirit

Fear can and WILL destroy our lives....

Feeding and Exercising our Spirit with The word of GOD 
(our creators instruction manual with a "trouble shooting section"!) 
can displace Fear and turn it into FAITH and PEACE....
two ingredients NEEDED for sweet slumber

Proverbs 3:24
When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

Psalm 3:5
I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.

Proverbs 20:13 Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare.

Here is a GREAT area to explore (look into the mirror and be honest with yourself)

Sleep issues can be a "wake up call" pardon the pun.... of being IMBALANCED
You may have difficulty with sleep  due to an imbalance
(too little, too much... interrupted, can fall asleep, stay asleep... etc) 

Physically - maybe physiological reasons for the imbalance 
                  (sleep apnea or deficiencies in vitamins/minerals, etc)
Mentally -   maybe due to fear which then becomes depression, anxiety
Spiritually - when our Spiritual walk is "empty" ... lack of  faith, trust, PURPOSE
                   for living

Buona Fortuna! and God Bless your endeavors to be HEALTHY and WELL

Ciao.... Salute to your Health and Wellness 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Livestrong! Hula Hoop....

This is Real (read below)..... it's not just about your Figure!  

Think of it this way.... 
You reduce the measurement of your waist for your health and the in return.... oola la  ...

 The FOCUS should be about your Health

The Motivation should be  all about :  Health and Wellness

The Inspiration should be "respecting and Loving yourself"

When you're Healthy.... you feel Well
when you feel Well....
You are ready to face the world and the Challenges that come your way 

Here is the link for the info on "your waist" measurement
Article from  LIVESTRONG (Great Web site)


Visceral fat is a type of abdominal fat that is associated with an increased risk of several serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 
Visceral fat lies deeper in the body and surrounds the organs, unlike subcutaneous fat, which lies just under the skin's surface. 
The visceral fat acts like an organ 
and produces hormones and chemicals that can be harmful to the body
If you have a large waistlinespeak with your doctor about changing  your diet and exercise routine  
Ok, GET serious about your HEALTH Today or tomorrow you will be_______ (fill in the blank)
 And, for the record.... A Girdle isn't the answer

"Beauty is Pain"  I what I was told in those day's
I'd rather exercise every day than wear those things again!

doing the Wii for Fit Program

      I'm telling you.... The Wii is the Ticket to get into Shape!   
It's entertaining.... Accessible (in your home), EASY to do the exercises (only about 1-2 minutes for most of them)... it tracks your progress... WAY FUN... instead of sitting on your fat butt watching TV or surfing the internet.... 
The only one stopping you is YOU 
Balance yourself so you'll stop fighting yourself (as I've said in my other blogs)
Find the Child inside of you and have FUN! 

Ciao!  To your Health and Wellness

This is Day 10 of "falling on my knees and Praying" at 6 am
It takes 21 days to form a habit