Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Be a Daniel instead of a Turkey

Being of Italian/Sicilian decent (can't fight the gene pool).... boy can I talk!   If fact I like to talk so much I talk to myself when I'm alone.  Oh ya... true.  And this blog thing.... it's like finding a captive audience to listen to me...... you got it T A L K.  In fact I can even talk without moving my mouth.... just my hands!

Being that "said"..... we say a lot with our body and with our actions.

                                Actions are a reflection of the heart.

Our actions speak volumes of what we are all about.  But the reverse is also true.

If we choose to take an action that represents what we "want to think or be"....
          we eventually become that action.

Allora,  (ok in Italian... I'm always attempting to practice my Italian... to bad I haven't gotten the English Language mastered yet... anyway.  Allora....

This is what I wanted to say today.
                         Daniel in the Bible knelt before the Lord 3 times a day.

It's not about him "praying" THREE times a day.

It was the "act" of him setting aside a moment in the day to get physically on his Knees!

Then he mentally took his mind to center on the Lord, 
and spiritually touch the Ears of the God of the Universe.

Daniel 6:10  

 10 Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. 
Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, 
giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.

Compare our government today to the one that Daniel lived in.  I believe the Politicians  in the story of Daniel were  deceitful and self serving. 

Daniel  as boy was taken to another country as a slave.  
Lived with his religious freedoms being challenged.  
Thrown into a lion den (yes, this is the Sunday school story). 
Sounds a little like what we are living in today.

We have challenges every single day (thank God we'll not be thrown into a lion den for praying- just told we can't do this in public!).  Never the less, we may feel like we are in a lion den in our life.  

Needing Gods protection from those that want to devour us (not physically but mentally and spiritually)

Have you ever thought, that at times... we are our worst enemy?  We war against ourselves.  We do things that are self defeating.  We kick ourselves around... put ourselves down.... We put things into our body that are not life giving or healthy.

We sit around making excuses why we can get off our butts and exercise or do something active.  We allow ourselves to listen and fill our minds with useless garbage we watch on TV, condoning people doing and saying sinful things by watching it. 

I'm challenged today to take this story to heart today

today being Thanks Giving

Food may bring us together but a Prayerful Family keeps us together
"The family that prayers together, stay's together"

To actually "get on my knees" physically therefore sending a strong message to my mind and spirit that I'm IN THE MOMENT!

physically, mentally, spiritually 
into God's Throne Room of Grace.

 I've captured God's attention and HE HAS MY FULL ATTENTION.

Although we are to pray without ceasing :1 Thessalonians 5:17  
Pray without ceasing

I'm honing in on the fact that to "balance our lives" we need to put

 "walk to our talk"  ..... which is a PHYSICAL action that will translate a message to our mind and spirit.

I did get on my knees the other morning.  Bowed my head and talked with my God.  This action followed me through out the day.  The picture in my mind of this action empowered me that day.  I challenge you today, as I'm challenging myself.  Be a Daniel.  

***Side thought:  If the God of the Universe appeared to you right now.... 
would you fall to your knees, head bowed being in his presence, 
or give him a high five and say "hey man, what's happening".  

Take on the attitude of who God is and take the privilege that you have direct access to the God of the Heaven's at any given moment... and make it a part of your life.  

Empower yourself today.  

Your a child of a living God!  

Your value is great in his kingdom.  Do you believe Jesus died for your sins and then rose into the Heavens so you could be empowered with his Spirit in you?  Come on.... Lets start "ACTING" like it.

Now, go and choose life giving foods today:  colorful, fresh, organic foods
Walk in the Fresh air (yes the sun shines even when it's 30 degrees outside)
Think and Speak words of thanksgiving...

be a grateful person not a grumbling person

Honor the Lord by Honoring yourself.

Ciao and God Bless you with Health and Wellness