Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Step away from the Donut!

"Recently I had a wonderful moment hearing and singing a song I recall growing up in the Church.     I surrender all!

CeCe Winans: I Surrender All 
 (click on the link to hear the song)

All to Jesus I surrender 

All to Him I freely give 
I will ever love and trust Him 
In His presence daily live 
All to Jesus I surrender 
Humbly at His feet I bow 
Worldly pleasures all forsaken 
Take me, Jesus, take me now, 
I surrender all 
I surrender all 
All to Thee my blessed Savior 
I surrender all 
All to Jesus I surrender 
Make me Savior wholly thine 
May Thy Holy Spirit fill me 
May I know Thy power divine 
I surrender all 

This reminded me that there is NOTHING I can't accomplish when 
I Freely Give my All to the Lord
 Honoring Him by Honoring me  ( body, mind and spirit)

That includes Donuts!  (cryptic message)

So, since want to loose a few more pounds (not yet at my target weight)  I will do a liquid fast today.

It's not about depriving myself of food, 
it's about surrendering my "wants" my "desires"  

It's about "taking control" of me and saying NO to me

It puts ME in CONTROL of ME!  

I desire:
To not be controlled purely by emotion (stress)
To not be controlled by my body (cravings)
To not have a "war" going on in side of me
   example: I want this but I can't have it..... (ahhh such nonsense we put up with)

So today when I have hunger pangs or just "feel like eating something"  I will 
1.  Stop
2. Take a deep cleansing breath to re-focus
3. Say to my self (or maybe out loud)  
    "I surrender all".... (referring to food, eating) 
4.  Then I'll whisper a prayer for someone or something, re-channel the energy
      I'm  experiencing at that moment...  
     and asking God to meet a need or desire for me, someone else or for 
    a situation that needs God's touch.  

That is what it's about.... Not starving to lose weight... Not just fasting to detox the

Fasting" to Balance my Body, Mind and Spirit and to gain control over ME making the right choices.

FYI:   being the ideal weight does not necessary indicate you are healthy
            but being over weight absolutely indicates you are not healthy

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness