Sunday, September 18, 2011

What to eat for Breakfast or Shut your mouth and Open your Heart

It has occurred to me, if we gave as much attention and time to feeding our SOUL as we do our face.... HOW healthy would we be! 

So, tomorrow when your eye's struggle to open...

Open your mouth and confess words of gratitude  (heck, you woke up)

Slip out of your bed on to the floor on your knees and PRAY for your DAY!

Then fix yourself a big bowl of the Word of God
 (yes, silly the Bible!) 
and ingested His words so you will obtain 
strength, faith, hope and purpose for the day.

(I suggested a bowl of Oatmeal with sprinkled  chia seed, flax seed, chopped  Dates or Banana's,  a little Almond Butter .... a touch of Honey and Cinnamon) .... Of course I like a dollop of Whip Cream too!

 Next time you reach for a "snack" 

 Make it a "Snack for your Mind & Soul"
"Reading" something uplifting as a snack 
Having a "Song" for a snack... 
Reaching for someone to "Hug" as a snack....    
 How about a "snack" for your soul of... 
Calling or someone texting and giving them a word of encouragement or a compliment... WOW

Psalms 19:14

Let the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing in your eyes, O Lord, my strength and my salvation

This scripture is in contrast to waking up "grumpy" and "complaining".   

YOU set the TONE for the day with your attitude!  It's your choice to wear a smile or Frown.

YOU choose what to feed your body so you can have a fighting chance to have a successful day.

A g a i n,      L e t     m e       r e p e a t...

Feed your SOUL                The word of God, Prayer  & Praises

Feed your BODY   Nutritious Foods full of Fiber,Vitamins &   Minerals

Feed your MIND                 Positive affirmations and words 

BALANCE is what "HEALTH" is all about...

                                Body, Mind and Spirit


(this blog is dedicated to my hunger for "Health and Wellness"  &
Living a full joyful life that is contagious.