Friday, October 29, 2010

sunshine in your soul or Symptoms of choice

The title doesn't match the blog today.... although, it's a gorgeous sunny day outside so I had to say.... SONshine, and SUNshine in my soul today!

Here is my thought (no charge, it's free )

When you notice pains, symptoms of illness, headaches.... stomach problems... etc

I suggest you do this:

Take a deep cleansing breath, with your eye's closed (not while driving or walking of course... or on an escalator - that would be not so smart)

ok,  take a deep cleansing breath and have an internal dialog  like this:

My body is fighting off (fill in the blank)  - But how is my Mind?  How is my Spirit?

You see it's like this.  We're so consumed with our Body  and it's 5 senses

But we are SO VERY VERY out of touch with our Mind and Spirit.

Thank God our BODY signals when it's not balanced, 
Hard to ignore when it's fighting an illness, fatigue, weakness, stress, injury

B U T 
Do you know that YOUR MIND also has to  also fight off it's own type of :
illness, fatigue, weakness, stress, even injury?


Do you know that YOUR SPIRIT also has to  also fight off it's own type of :
illness, fatigue, weakness, stress, even injury ?

The problem as I see it is that we all face is we are conditioned to recognize the signs and symptoms of our body when it's fighting an illness or disease or injury.

But We HAVE NOT LEARNED to recognize the signs and symptoms of our 
Mind and Spirit when it's fighting it's own type of 
illness or disease or injury until it is shown in our body.  
Then we focus on our body when we may need healing first in our mind or spirit!

I encourage you to "think" about the 
Balance of your Body, Mind and Spirit 


Exercise a Lifestyle that promotes prevention of illness, injury and disease
of the Body
of the Mind
of the Spirit

When people are sick in their spirit their Minds an Body are affected.  They just don't think about the origin of illness?  We've been taught to TREAT SYMPTOMS.  We think when the symptom is gone, we're ok   NOT TRUE.  Just because the Advil made your pain go away, doesn't mean your body isn't still trying to fight the cause of the pain. Pain is only a SYMPTOM.

When your told someone you love has passed away - You are touched Physically (crying), mentally (difficulty thinking and talking), and Spiritually (your faith is challenged)
ALL three parts of your being are touched.  Right?   ALL are affected and MUST be healed.

THERE IS NO TIME where something happens in your BODY that doesnt affect 
your Mind and Spirit.

THERE IS NO TIME where something happens in your MIND that doesnt affect 
your Spirit and Body.

THERE IS NO TIME where something happens in your SPIRIT that doesnt affect your Mind and Body.

SO, get in touch daily with feeding and exercising your Mind
                                        feeding and exercising your Spirit
                                        feeding and exercising your Body

When you have a "symptom", evaluate not just your body but your mind and spirit too!

Rx for life:
Laugh (physical)
Love   (spiritual)
Give   (mental)

Ciao! and Salute  to Your Health & Wellness

Your sight can trigger emotions:  
Fix your sight on something that brings a smile to your face, mind an spirit

This picture makes me smile!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that makes me LAUGH!
And..... Classic Comedy Movies!
Ya gotta rent or Netflick: " Hold that Ghost" since it's Halloween time 

Abbott & Costello, Joan Davis - "Hold That ...
3 min - Feb 21, 2009
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