Monday, November 19, 2012

A Bowl of ICE CREAM is a bowl of Guilt?

 Accountability is HUGE

So when we prepare to make our "New Year Resolutions" this year  who will hold our feet to the fire to make sure we STICK to IT!

Accountability is HUGE

This is where we have MUD on our face when we "say" we are going to do something and  then we have the attention of others who are watching us.

Accountability is HUGE

When we are ready to "make excuses" why we are not living up to "what we said we would do" then we are faced with feelings of Guilt.  Why?  Because we "think" we can fool others but we have NOT FOOLED ourselves.  

GUILT  becomes a giant  
Bowl of ICE CREAM 
devoured in front of the TV! 

Accountability is HUGE

ok... I've said it enough times now.

So, "where is the accountability"?

First we make a choice to be take care of ourselves by Exercise and Healthy Food Choices

Then  when we......
SAY IT ... we then
HEAR IT....  as we
WRITE IT....  as we 
as we .... commit to it

then we need to  PUBLISH IT

Now, we  are more committed to it because it's OUT THERE and  we become accountable

Why?  Because:

OTHERS have now
Heard it and are
waiting to See it

YOUR BEING WATCHED.... You are Now Accountable to something bigger than yourself

Yikes.....  here's a thought

What if you wore a T - SHIRT    24/7 that read:
I'm committed to: 
Eat Healthy 
Exercise Daily

If you were wearing that shirt:
Do you think for one nano second you would be comfortable ordering  a rich decadent dessert ?
Or eating a  double Cheese Burger and  a large order of Fries and a Soda while wearing that shirt ?

Do you think you would allow people to see you take the Elevator  instead of walking the Stairs while wearing that shirt ?

Enough talk.....

The Point is

Accountability is HUGE

So, when you're preparing your New Years Resolution....

Say "it" out loud in front of someone who care's about you.

Then  really HEAR YOURSELF SAY IT and
then WRITE DOWN in a place that everyone you know who care's about you can SEE IT

Read it every day, Say it out loud throughout the day

repeat over and over again in your mind

and make your  ACT of Accountability  a

new commitment to Health and Wellness

become a  new thread that you weave 

into the tapestry of your life. 

Change is an Action

Commit to Change and Act on your Committment
now that's "Integrity"

Preaching to myself