Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HUG Yourself....

Give Yourself a Hug

There is a scientific explanation for the seemingly magical qualities of a hug that researchers uncovered. Each time we hug, we increase the level of oxytocin in the blood.

A daily dose of oxytocin from hugging can help protect us from heart disease.

 Give Yourself a Hug


Rhomboid Rattling and Posturing

The rhomboids are the very thin muscles located in your upper back between the shoulder blades. Since the rhomboids connect the shoulder blade (or scapula) to the spinal column, the relatively small muscles are responsible for a heavy burden that includes pulling your shoulders back for correct posture. 

Weakness or tightness (or both) in the rhomboids 
not only causes bad posture, but also eventually leads to  back pain.

Daily stretching is the first step for stronger, looser rhomboids and eventually a healthier, stronger and potentially pain free back. 

One simple stretch entails holding your left tricep with your right hand and pulling your left arm across the front of your body so, in effect, you hug yourself. Repeat the stretch on the opposite side. If you want a dynamic stretch for the rhomboids try swinging your arms open and closed and try to touch your shoulder blades with your fingers each time you make the closing motion (THAT WOULD BE A HUG!)

Keeping in "synch"   with my "soap box preaching" on 
BALANCING our lives 
Physically, Mentally & Spiritually...

 You answer these questions:

Do you enjoy giving hugs?

Do you enjoy receiving hugs?

Hummmmm......  Question number 3
     Have you ever given a hug to some one who feels like a "Mannequin"?

Hugging can be quiet intimate.... so when someone resist a hug there is a message! 

But the "Therapy of a Hug" is so complex and deep and profound.

                    If you need a hug (and I bet you do!)  

I know it sounds weird, but try it.   Really hug yourself and tell yourself  "I care about me"

wow..... do you?  Do you really care about yourself?  
Then take a moment to think about all the "good things" you do for YOURSELF.  

Like....  Eating healthy life giving foods (or not)

Like....  Walking or Exercising or indulge in a sport activity OUTSIDE in the Sunshine! 
Like..... Telling yourself  Positive affirmations throughout the day  complimenting yourself in your accomplishments, giving yourself a BREAK when you mess up!  Forgiving yourself ... 

SAY three nice things about yourself.... Come on you can think of 3 things!

Seriously,  you should be your best friend and your own cheerleader! 

It's ok.... HUG YOURSELF!   (ok, really don't do it in public... seriously, that's weird)

But Try it... You may do it more often when your sad or 
WANTING TO EAT CHIPS AT  11 o'clock at NIGHT!   

Stop and Say... 
"it's ok, I don't want to eat...I just need a hug... and I'm going to give myself one".

Ok,  GOOD NIGHT... it's now 11:48 pm  the Chips are gone and I'm going to bed.

CIAO! and Salute....To Your Health and Wellness

a picture worth a million words

Give all your worries and cares to God for,

                   he cares about you!

1 Peter 5:7