Monday, August 30, 2010

Flowers for Me

The other day I had a thought (as I often do) and I wanted to send myself flowers.  

Not flowers from a florist (although that would be nice) but flowers sent to my MIND!

A beautiful bouquet of lovely, fragrant.... flowers.

Ummmmm I thought, what would I like.  I thought of various bouquets but came up with choosing Hydrangea.  Why, I don't know.  

But just filling my "mind" "thoughts  "BRAIN!" with flowers was a powerful  thing.  Suddenly I invoke wonderful feeling that sent a message through out my body.  So, lovely!  

It's true that we live in a world that is bombarded with negative, ugly words being flung on us.  Yes, from the news on TV, things we hear while at a restaurant or shopping.  At work, on the phone.... we are bombarded in our minds with other peoples WORDS.

So, I think sending a lovely bouquet of flowers into the portals of my mind is wonderful!

I had to google just now the "meaning" associated with the flowers I choose.  There is a deep understanding I have in the symbolism of things we choose.  

So, pick a flower to send to yourself!  Enjoy!

Meaning of Hydrangea   


Japanese Legend

  • According to a Japanese legend, a proud emperor used a bouquet of hydrangeas as an apology to the family of a girl with whom he was in love. Ever after, the flowers have served as a representation of heartfelt feelings, whether of joy or sadness, says the website

  • The Language of Flowers

  • Although one meaning of the hydrangea in the Victorian language of flowers was that of coldness and heartlessness, the flower could also say "thank you for understanding."

  • Negative Connotations

  • Hydrangea can also have other, less flattering meanings. Perhaps because of its showy beauty, it is sometimes thought to symbolize boastfulness and vanity.

  • The hydrangea has magical properties as well. According to folklore, if a witch put a curse on an unlucky man or woman the hydrangea could be used to break the curse.

    Hummmm?????  I wonder why I picked Hydrangea's.  Oh, well I made me pleasantly happy sending my Brain these flowers.