Sunday, February 21, 2010


That's a me!

It might make a great movie "Death by Girl Scout Cookies"

It's like I fell off the wagon - I even ate the cookies that I don't like! What is that about!! That's what I've been trying to figure out these past few months.

In fact, the other morning I was listening to Joyce Meyers on TV. Wow, discussing the very essence of what I've been blogging about "HABITS".

One of the very important things I've discovered during the "21 day journey" is that my success during the 21 days was my daily blogging.

It seem to set my focus for the day
It seemed to center my thoughts
It encouraged me
It strengthened me
It motivated me

When I was without my ability to blog... I became apathetic, distracted... and back to the ol habits. I KNEW what I should do.... but "threw it to the wind... no, I threw it in my mouth... and sat on my big ... you know what"

So, I believe the truth is this

Healthy Choices are a product of Healthy Habits

HABITS are nothing more than repetitive pattern

21 days was only the beginning developing a rhythm and pattern

ahh all the years to re-do
ok, lets think about how when you were a child how were "sweets" present to you?

As you were introduced to your first birthday C A K E !!! Ummm says your parent as they shoved the spoon full of cake & frosting - SUGAR- into your mouth!

Come on! We were set up for failure from the beginning.
Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving... all about indulging in sweets! Like the "forbidden fruit!" If your good you can have a piece of candy, If your hurt... here's some ice cream, if your sad.... I'll make you a NICE piece of .... what is that about!!!!!!!

and the "Come on over for some coffee and C A K E!"


I think it'll take more than 21 days to change HOW I see food, HOW I see exercise
HOW I see ME.

I seriously doubt 200 years ago any one had to "Think" about getting enough exercise!
If you could time travel to the 1900's and tell people that some day they'll have to find the time to exercise everyday! oh, ridiculous!
oh my Golly, Gosh all mighty. We are a lazy, self serving, indulgent, self gratifying society. THATS why there are a bazillion adds for weight loss and a bazillion TV shows and commercials about food! How messed up is that!

In social settings these past 2 weeks I found myself - ohhhh all messed up. Like Peer pressure! No, more like... ol habits. Falling in to my ol ways of seeing food "satisfying me", eating to be "politically correct".

Ok, enough

Get it together and


"Walk in the Spirit" - Yes, that is a ACTION! Walk Walk Walk...
I CAN not do this on my own.

Here's a story:

I once went to a party for ladies, ya know the "mary kay" thing. Well, I joked around about all the steps to cleanse, tone, moisturize your face.... all the process and all the products you need. I said out loud to the lady presenting the products... "wow, by the time I get to the 6th step of facial care..... It'll be morning". ha ha

but the truth is.... I'm doing it ! 3 steps every morning and every night! Why, because I'm desperate to avoid the knife! My real age isn't the date on my drivers license... it's in the mirror!
I think nothing of taking 3 steps every morning and every night to keep my skin from resembling an alligator!

So, again.... what about my arteries, heart, kidneys... etc.... what steps am I taking to keep them youthful!
What steps do I take daily to keep my heart free of bitterness, envy, resentment, unforgiveness... etc...
What steps do I take daily to feed my spirit, body and mind healthy FOODS.

No amount of Channel or Prada can cover up being unhealthy.
There is no fabulous outfit or jewelry that can cover up the fact that I'm OUT OF SHAPE - evident by my unhealthy choices!

I'm not a believer of "twiggy" figures. I'm a true believer in the temple of God reflecting the gifts of the spirit. And one of those gifts is "self control".

Wow, am I slapping myself silly tonight.

Ahh, I'll have another glass of wine and go to bed


kind of funny I just noticed it's the 21st day of February... ahhh 2 1
ya know 21 days!