Friday, February 4, 2011

Get an Emotional Thermometer

 Our lives are filled with Patterns.  There actually is an order in what we do 
(doesn't matter if we can acknowledge this or not).

I say that because Science has evidence that there is NO such thing as confusion in the molecular world.  Even an Explosion has an order and Pattern to it.  All of creation is made up of matter.  (hey, here's a joke... "what's the matter with you?")  LOL

Therefore Everything on Earth and in the Heavens has 
Order, Reason and Patterns.
Tap into that Knowledge and use it.   
Develop a Lifestyle of Peace and Order.  

Do this by acknowledging  your Habits.  Discover what Healthy and Un- Healthy Habits you may have.

  Since NOTHING in this Universe can be destroyed!  

You heard it here.  

Nothing can be destroyed, removed as if it never existed  

CREATION is still alive and Well
What is Created can NEVER be destroyed

Nothing can ever, ever, ever, be destroyed - ONLY changed - Transformed.
(Cutting to the quick)  Love can not be destroyed in a relationship.  It can only be transformed/changed into a different emotion.

Maybe transformed into Apathetic, Anger, Distrust.... what ever the opposite of Love is.

 If, when a relationship is ended.... if there is truly the thoughts  
"I don't care... I don't give it a second thought that they are gone"  
THAN I believe   you have to question if True Love ever existed in that relationship 
(if those emotions are really true.... 
This will be evident by what those emotions are producing)


If there is truly the thoughts "I wish them the best.... Hope they are well"
THEN I believe that Love existed and it was True Love... and it lives on.

Again, just as a Person is created by the actions of two people  (ahhh, a baby)

Life can never be destroyed!  It will last for eternity... 
either in Light or in Darkness.(nothing in between)
LIFE will LAST ETERNITY - YOU will exist for ETERNITY.  

Same holds true for Love
When Love is created between two people ... it can NOT be destroyed.  It CAN and WILL be transformed into a different energy.  The Energy it's transformed into is YOUR choice.

Therefore, if a relationship has ended....  the Love in your heart is transformed into another emotion - Hopefully you have chosen through the choice of  Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace, Understanding.... to transform that emotion into Caring, hope, Faith, ..... wishing the Best for the other person.

Even Christ on the Cross CHOSE to say 
"Forgive them, for they know not what they do"
(I don't recall the bible saying 
people were kneeling beneath the cross 
ASKING for Forgiveness)

Unconditional Forgiveness 
synonymous with
Unconditional Love

Love is Forgiveness through Sacrifice - the Sacrifice of Self for the Good of Others

What is my Habit and Pattern in Relationships?  

To see others through the 
          Eye's of Christ 
                  and with the 
          Heart of Christ  
                             Hummmmmmm (hope so)

What the HECK is this blog all about.... don't know.... don't care.... Just felt like saying all that!  My blog, My thoughts, My ending it.

I said.... This blog IS my devotional time.... Love it!  

There is a Freedom in the Expression of Love

 When your Hurting.... find someone to comfort

When you need Inspiration.... Inspire someone else 

When you Give you will Receive

Transform that Habit !!!

What does all this have to do with my Blogging on Health and Wellness - 
well.... dahhhh

OUR Health DEPENDS on Choices we make 

Habits are a Choices

Choosing to Love and Forgive or Harbor Negative Emotions is Our Choice

WE are the Product of our Choice

Got Health Issues? 
Check your Emotional Temperature!

The Bible is a Great Emotional Thermometer!

Ciao, Salute! To Your Health and Wellness and Healing

PS.... I'm still under construction
Completion date will be when I go to be with My Savior