Sunday, December 6, 2015

A life worth Living -

My Thought today

The things of the world that we think are so big and important and  are what we "need"  to satisfy us really  have NO SUBSTANCE and easily fall through us... like a colander.  That is why the things of world are never enough.  We are continually striving and trying to fill our lives..... We are never really satisfied.  (overeat, indulge, addictions, ... trying to satisfy themselves). Empty Lives

The only  real thing that has Substance and Form ...  is the LOVE of GOD.  He is the only thing we NEED because HE is REAL and he Satisfies our Soul. We are Complete and Full when We have the Love of Christ.  

Silly analogy but oh so true.   We are like a Colander .... and when  get  shaken up by events and circumstances .... the "small"  non important  things of the world that we have filled our lives with.... fall through and we are left, lonely, hopeless, fearful  and  EMPTY. 

Only the substance of a Christ centered life remains in us when we  are shaken.  He and His Word Give us purpose. 

Today I am thankful that we have the opportunity to server a loving God who fills us with HIS POWER and TRUTH.  In Him we are whole and Full of Life. A Life worth Living.