Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's U P to you

Like it or not..... It's U P  to you to keep everything in your life in balance  

Unless you go and live in a cave, 
you HAVE people and things that need YOU 
and you probably need them more than you know.

Sure, you can reduce the "un-necessary" things in your life.... but they may be the things that bring you a sense of joy or peace.  Only you can judge what you need and don't need.  Maybe time to "clean house" of the stuff in your life.  Detox your world?

We all are trying stay on the tight rope of life and juggle the 
people/things in our lives.

It's a long list....... relationships, work, school, home... all while trying to not fall off the tight rope. 
(at least that is how I see it)  I  use to say I lived in a "three ring circus" 
(Three kids... being a single mom... Yikes)

Here is the deal.   YOU CAN DO IT!   I CAN DO IT!  WE CAN DO IT!

It's not just about attitude.  It's not just about "time management".  It's not just about "being smart"...

It is about YOU being balanced  
so you can balance the "stuff" in your life 

This is about YOU being balanced -  That's the essence of my blog 

This concept has been known for centuries and throughout cultures:
Even today people seek Traditional Chinese Medicine to  to help restore harmony to our modern, hectic lifestyles. 

The Truth is that "our creator" knows what we need to create balance and harmony in our lives.  I find it's helpful to take what  truths other cultures have found when it comes to "balance and harmony".... BUT just keep it in perspective. It's an imitator of the truth.

  It's kind of like  finding  an imitation Louis Vuitton bag.  
Still pretty, Functional.... it's just not an original and authentic,  they USED the real thing.

So, getting back to the fact that unless YOU are balanced - You can't balance the "stuff" in your life.
Do you believe that?

I liken it to this:
It would be impossible to bake a cake without the  proper ingredients and necessary tools -
dahhh like  AN OVEN!  The same truth is here too.  Your life is continually in the making... bake baby bake.

What are the ingredients and tools YOU need to be balanced?  To produce a healthy end product.

As I've said in the past blogs..... 
You need a healthy spirit
You need a healthy body
You need a healthy Mind

YOU make the choices to feed you mind, body and spirit or to  neglect it

MY RECIPE for Health and Wellness:
Nutritious food for your body
Nutritious food for your mind          +   EXERCISE/ACTION   =  H E A L TH and WELLNESS
Nutritious food for you spirit

Really,  think about what you think (thoughts) and your exposure to TV/Movies.... Literature.  
This is all " Food"  for your mind.  Yes,  junk food or healthy food.... 

THEN.......Think about all the above (TV/Movies, Literature) as "Food" for your spirit too.

Reading and Praying and Meditation and Singing/Listening to Christian Music 
is "Food" for your Mind, Spirit and... get this.... your body too.

We all understand about vitamins, minerals and fiber for our bodies..... 

START thinking about FOOD FOR YOUR MIND and SPIRIT Too - Not just your Body!

I started my quest, journey (whatever) because I was discouraged and disgusted with my failed attempts to lose weight.

I found that my weight problem was a symptom of an unbalanced ME.

Construction zone sign is still in place on my forehead.... I'm learning, discovering and actually enjoying the walk.  That is SOOOO important.  I'm finding joy in this journey.

I've caught the attitude of can do..... want to.... will do......  I'm finding b a l a n c e.

When asked or told.... "too much spiritual stuff" in my blog.... I say

If you believe you're only a body and mind, and believe when you breath your last breath you just cease  to exist and go back into the dirt of the earth.... then read no further.  It won't make sense.

If, however, you do believe in something bigger than you.  

Believe that you are an incredible, 
created, complex and fascinating being... 
created for a purpose.... read on.  Welcome.

B A L A N C E  and find your joy of living


Salute!  To your health and wellness

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