Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Your Audience

When (as today) you are "feeling" illness creeping on... like a headache or flu like symptoms, DO NOT GIVE audience to those feelings!

Yes, you feel what you feel. But, Tell your Body what your heart and mind know!
You are a child of God and your Body is his Temple.

Speak the Words (words are SO very powerful)

I'm "FIGHTING" blank blank blank (whatever your feeling)

Confess this over and over.

NEVER NEVER say - "I have a cold" or "I have a Headache" That is you giving audience to the feelings. That is you giving permission for your body to accept an illness. That is taking ownership of the feelings and letting an illness take hold of YOU and GROW!

This is so very very true!

This doesn't mean when your "fighting" something you shouldn't attack it with
Good Nutrition, Fluids, Rest, Vitamins.... then move to over the counter medications like some Ibuprofen or Cough medication.

Fight, Fight, Fight.... "go to the Mat" ("You've got mail" line... quoted from the "Godfather")
Have you heard someone say... "I'm getting a Headache" or "I always feel this way just before I get a sinus infection" or " When I get this... I always get that"



Judges 7

2The LORD said to Gideon, "The people who are with you are too many for Me to give Midian into their hands, for Israel would become boastful, saying, 'My own power has delivered me.'

This is amazing Story of how God orchestrated HOW HE was going to get the glory.
It's always easy for us to see God's hand when we know the whole story.

Imagine for a moment what Thoughts were going through Gideon's mind when he knew the task at hand. He needed an Army to defeat the Midianites - God dwindled his army to 300 men. Yet, in obedience to God the Battle was won. Great Story to read.

Did Gedeon understand God's Plan? Meaning, did he just trust and obey God no matter how it seemed to him?

This story came to me tonight... I believe once again, God is imparting into my heart TO STOP looking at circumstances aka "road blocks" and just have faith and DO what I KNOW is right.

LISTEN to Him and His word. HE HAS A PLAN! Do what he's put before me (opportunity, vision). Even if it seems crazy and un do able.

I know my personality is to want to know the ending first. Ha!

I really do know the ending. It's all about standing in HIS presence some day and
wanting God to say. "Well done, my good and Faithful servant".