Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do you really believe that? Wake up and Smell the Truth

If someone asked you what would be a healthy diet, what would you say?

If someone asked you how to get in shape, what would you say?

If someone asked you how one finds peace, what would you say?

How is it we have a treasure chest of knowledge yet struggle everyday?

           My answer:   We struggle everyday when we feed the "golden calf"

Balance and Center our lives in TRUTH!

Let me help you here:

The Golden calf ?  What do you spend most of your time seeking?  What pre-occupies your mind?  

The Truth ?  "I am the way the truth and the life" John 14:6

Stop being "afraid" to really stand naked in front of a Mirror and Exam                        what we have done                                                                                                          to what GOD CREATED

FACE YOUR FEARS, Get Naked in front of the Mirror!

Oh for heaven sakes.... I am speaking metaphorically 
(or you can really do that!)

Take off the layer's upon layer's of excuses until you are exposed.  Those clothes you choose are trying to hide what is underneath? Right?

Start your journey to find true Health and Wellness  today

Sit still
and then Listen
and then Listen

NO one is going to take your hand to day and "make you do the right thing".

what is the right thing to do ?

RESPECT  Yourself

Take care of what is truly a gift

Every Breath you take
Every Heart Beat 
It's a gift

It's a gift of life

Allora, take care, get naked and have a great day!


oh my .... I've  got R U N now and live what I speak