Saturday, August 7, 2010

Learn from a child

It was a reminder yesterday as I watched my Grandchildren play.  
                             How delightful that they live in the moment.

They are free to explore and laugh and taken in what is happening around them.  No preoccupation about what will be happening tomorrow.  Not even what will be happening in an hour!

We are HIS children.  Rest in Him.  

 Sometimes we're so eager grow up.  Like when you hear the child say "no, Mommy, I can do it myself".   
Sometimes we need to stop pulling away (from Him).

Think about it
His hands to guide you
His hands to comfort you
His hands to hold you
His hands to discipline you
His hands to clap for you
His hands to feed you
His hands are always open

Take his hand, Be his Child 

Now,  Go Play!