Thursday, September 9, 2010

Empty Words - Day 4

We say we want to be healthy.  We say we want to lose weight.  We say we want to just enjoy life. WE say, say say.  EMPTY WORDS?   Guess so if you're still struggling.

Words are empty if we are "fighing the battle of the bulge", if our cholesterol levels are elevated, we can't do 20 jumping jacks without passing out... We'd rather watch TV than go for a walk.... we seek sugary, salty snacks instead of Fresh Fruit and raw vegetables.

I want to be passionate!  I want my words to match my actions.  I want to walk the talk.  If not, then I'm a fraud.   I'm really telling myself lies.  Then I don't really want what I say I want.  OR, maybe I don't think I deserve it!  How sad is that?

Today, Lord  I pray that I stretch beyond myself to become that which I desire.  A person who reflects her words.  Fill my words with YOUR power!  

I'm thinking of the Italian Women who use to do my hair.  I knew her for several years before and after she had a baby.   She confided in me that her husband had lost interest in her after the baby was born.  With tear's in her eye's she said she thought that it was due to her weight.  She is a very beautiful women and yes she kept on the "baby" weight and was not in the best shape.

I knew that her self image did indeed contribute to the troubled marriage.  I don't believe her weight was the root of the problem, it was her self esteem.  She wasn't happy with herself, her looks.... 

How can we expect other's to love us when we don't love ourselves?

Anyway,  I suggested to her that regardless of how she believed her husband felt about her weight... she herself was unhappy when she looked into the mirror. She admitted she hated how she looked and felt.  

Yet, she was willing to be complacent about her weight.... live with it and pour herself into her baby for happiness.  When she saw the signs of her husband not paying attention to her, that's when it bothered her. 

I suggested that every morning (she had a nanny for the baby) she needed to get out and walk briskly for 1 hour.   30 minutes one direction, then turn around and walk back.  If she would say,  I'm walking to save my marriage... that would give her focus, determination and purpose.  How much did she want to save her marriage?  Was she really willing to put action to her words that she loves her husband and wants to save her marriage.  (again, I believe the marriage was troubled due to the fact her baby came 1st and her husband came 2nd.... it was clear when listening to her stories)

I haven't seen her since that time (I moved away) so I don't know what ever happened.  But, this story has stuck with me.

What was she willing to do to save her marriage?   
It is a shame that people are only willing to push themselves to exercise 
and eat better after the Doctor frightens them with some diagnosis.  
Yes, as a Nurse I've seen this time and time again.

What does it take to motivate us to "get in shape, get healthy"?  Why can't we just care enough about ourselves to do it for US?  Crazy but it sometimes takes a High School Reunion, or Wedding or a death sentence to motivate us.

That's why I have been stressing in my blogs.  WE ARE HIS TEMPLE.  

Christ wants to live in our hearts.  Geeze Louise.... CLEAN UP THE TEMPLE!   God created this amazing Temple for Him to live in and we trash it.  Fill it with Garbage.  Yes,  I'm not just talking about "garbage food" I'm talking about filling our MINDS with garbage, trash ..... Garbage that is rotting inside us.  

Our word's have to be empty, because there's no room in us for anything else, it's full of Garbage.

It's no wonder  there is  sleeping problems,  a lack energy, a lack joy.... various  unexplained aches and pains ... headaches.... allergies.  Yes, you heard me right.   

PHYSICAL ALIMENTS due to the Garbage we put in our mind and body.

Our Spirits are crying out to us to STOP IT!   Go to his WORD, Read it.... Talk with the LORD and start CLEANING HOUSE!

You can go on any Diet in the world to lose weight.... Go ahead... knock yourself out....

Do you know why diet's are not 100%  successful? 

BECAUSE you need to start the "diet" inside your soul first!  How many books do you pick up on diet's that tell you that!  

That's right....  

Here is another way to understand what I'm saying: 

How comfortable and enjoyable would your home be for guest if you only took care of the outside of your home?
You could have the most amazing looking home on the block but if the inside of your home is a wreck.... Yikes!   We LIVE inside our homes.  

We are so consumed with the EXTERNAL that we neglect the INTERNAL   

Our bodies are a reflection of our souls.

Ok,  another way to understand this..... you could get ready to go out to a party and look amazing,  all perfumed up, made up.... fabulous outfil on.... amazing.... but if your Breath STINKS because you ate toooo much garlic.... I don't care how beautiful you look... YOU STINK!  No one will recall you looked great, they'll remember your Bad Breath!

Ok,  sermon for today is almost over.

CLEAN inside your HOUSE!  Go to the Lord in Prayer, read his word and "detox your mind and Spirit".  

Then develop new habits of  what you put into your mind and spirit.  
Your Body will thank you.

Do you want to be healthy?  Do you seek wellness?  Do you want to lose weight and be active and strong?

Start by looking inside before you start fixing the outside. 

Be honest.  Is there someone that you wouldn't want to sit and share a meal with?  Someone in your life who has hurt you?

Unforgiveness, resentment, hatred..... take up space in our minds and bodies like a cancer.  They eat away at us morning , noon and night.   They manifest as headaches, backaches, joint pain..... allergies, colds, flu....  

If  we could take a picture of your back pain... you'd see the face of someone you're angry at
(hey, it maybe YOU that you're angry at... Maybe you have unforgivenss for yourself_)

Ok, don't believe me.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  I'm telling you the truth  that 80% of all illness stem from unhealthy thoughts.

So,  you want to Lose weight.... you complain because "you just can seem to lose weight"...

LOSE yourself in Christ....  be cleanse and be filled with HIM.   

You'll drop the weight! You'll stop trying to satisfy yourself with FOOD.  You'll be satisfied in HIM.

  You'll be full of  love, laughter and a new zest for living if you put your relationship with Christ as Your first DESIRE.

If you don't believe me... ok.  Pick up the Bible and see what GOD Tell's you.   It's all there in Black and White.

1 Corinthians 14: 1  
Let love be your greatest Aim....

Salute!  To Your Health and Wellness

Don't forget
15 minutes of feeding your Spirit (praying)
15 minutes of feeding your Mind (reading God's word)
15 minutes of feeding your Body  (exercise)