Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm on the phone

No call waiting,  Busy tone,  A real Operator, 
UL3-1212 (Weather), no Messages to listen too
Having to "share" the one phone line
Wow, A Real Phone 

Our lifestyles have changed
Our Lives have Not
OUR Needs are the same

Still needing to be Heard
Still needing to be Loved
Still needing to be needed

just waiting for someone to call 
and say I really care

Matthew 7:12

 12"In everything, therefore, 

treat people the same way you want them to treat you 

Make a check list of what you really NEED
Make a check list of what you really WANT....

Then find Balance
by Wanting only what you NEED

You need Healthy Well Balanced Foods
You Need Daily Activities/Exercises
You Need Daily  Spiritual  Food and Exercise 
You Need to Exercise and Feed Your Mind Healthy Thoughts

What "Wants" do you have that are not the same as the "Needs" you have?

T y p e   u p  a  L i s t!

I want __________________, Is not the same as I need ______________.

Therefore say " I want ______________because I need it".

Salute! To you Health and Wellness and "finding" Balance