Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping Young

Challenging  to stretch Yourself

This is my 9 week Physical Challenge
Couch to 5k information

After this 9 Week  I'll chart the Next Challenge.... Hummmm I think it will be "a mental challenge".
HEY WAIT.... I already am "Mentally Challenged!"   LOL

Actually, While I am doing my walk/jog for 20 minutes, I will have on my headset to LISTEN to Spiritual Music and use this time to strengthen my Walk with the Lord.  Praising & Praying.

Both the Physical and Spiritual 20 minutes will feed and Strengthen my Mental Being. Inspiring and uplifting my thoughts to be positive, life giving thinking.

The STUFF that Keeps us YOUNG!

Have a Great day being Your best, Thinking the best and Doing your Best

Ciao and Salute! To your Health and Wellness

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Squat! Make it a habit.... LOL

Oh, come on!    Can ya just do ONE THING everyday for 21 days?

it's all about habits
it's all about balance

It seems to be such a struggle for me to do just ONE THING every day, consistently.

Like taking vitamins.   Most of the time I remember, but I sometimes forget to take them.

I guess I'm back to the same root problem.....hummmm I forget.... what WAS or IS the root problem?


Not doing what I know I need to do everyday for HEALTH is "not taking care of me"

Habits are just a product of the subconscious.  They develop from....?

Ok, back to the beginning.

For the NEXT 21 days I will FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on doing ONE thing every day until it becomes a HABIT (takes 21 days to form a new habit).

Until it occurs without me thinking about it... Until I feel uncomfortable, restless until I DO IT!

Ok,  Here is my 21 day challenge:

how I really feel about a challenge!

                           Every, and I MEAN EVERY morning I WILL:

1.   Take my Emergen C pack with my Kyo Green Powder, My Multi Vitamin (love the one's I just got,  from Garden of Life... RAW vitamins... but that's another blog).

                                  Every, and I MEAN IT, every morning  

2.  I WILL BLOG (my devotional time). 

Great, that will take care of the BALANCE of starting a New Habit.
I will Physically take my Vitamins (for my Body)
I will Spiritually and Mentally prepare my Body, Mind and Spirit for the Day.

        Ok, I think I'll throw in... 

3.  10 leg squats every morning.  Why this?  It's the ACT of doing an exercise  is important to reinforce exercise SHOULD BE A HABIT... 
How to do leg squats! YOUTUBE video (get serious)

When we are vague with our selves, it provides an excuse to not do something, to not be committed!  So just saying "I'm going to exercise" ... is vague.  Saying, I'm going to jog 15 minutes, or saying I'm going to get on the Treadmill for 15 minutes... BE specific if you are making a commitment! 

It's all connected.  I see and hear of this everyday!  My Patients and Family are living examples.  When faced with a Challenge (life event),  when faced with an illness, when faced with a task.....

                   YA just need to stop, 
                           Breath and think "BALANCE".

Ask these  Questions when facing a Challenge (stressful situation):

Where am I Physically? 
(what's happening? what are my symptoms?
where do I hurt? Am I feeling weak, tired... good, great? )

 Where am I Spiritually?
(what's happening in my Spirit, Am I empty or full? Am I trusting ME, or Trusting the God of the Universe who loves me)
Where am I Mentally?
 (what is happening in my mind.. what are my thoughts, are they uplifting or positive? Am I defeating myself with negative Nelly thought?)

I Peter 5:7

…casting all your care upon Him, 

for He cares for you.


There I did it!  
Reality Check!  This isn't going to happen

I started to talk about a need I know that I have.  
A weakness that I want to deal with.... "lack of consistency in my life with task that I know are important for my health"

and through my .... talking to myself about "balance" I  have found inspiration and strength to tackle and overcome it! 

When I think of how much God cares for me.... 
it re-arranges my brain to think about how much
 I Need to CARE ABOUT ME!  

Through my devotional time this morning ....

I just balanced my Thoughts (mind), 
My spirit (scripture to feed my soul and encourage me), 
and now I will  balance my body by stretching and taking my stinking vitamins! 

I will (commitment) for the next 21 days do these three things every MORNING

I can do it:

Take my vitamins
10 leg squats

Ciao and Salute ! to your Health and Wellness

(my blog is my quest for Optimal health and wellness with the  added benefit of being my ideal weight)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The BATTLE of the bulge is the BATTLE of the spirit

Romans 12
Place Your Life Before God
 1-2 So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. 
Instead, fix your attention on God. 
You'll be changed from the inside out. 
Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.

How often we hear of DIET's for "losing weight" 

but have you ever heard of 
a "DIET" for losing Stupid?

A "DIET" for losing Un forgiveness, Bitterness and Anger

A "DIET" for losing fat.... 
yes but how about a  
"DIET" for losing the "crap in you that really makes you ugly"?
A "Diet to lose your lousy attitude"

GO ahead.... check out ALL these Diets to lose FAT!  
Weight Watchers FreeChoosing the Right DietThe Atkins DietSouth Beach DietThe Zone DietLow Carb DietNegative Calorie DietCabbage Soup DietMayo Clinic DietMediterranean DietDiabetic DietSpecial K DietSacred Heart DietGrapefruit Diet

..... Click on this link to read about "Choosing the right Diet"  
from the Resource: The National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases

Why does do people BATTLE  with their weight and lose?  

                     It's because    being OVERweight is a product of  a UN-BALANCED life.

Un-balanced.. emotionally, spiritually, physically

When we reach of Ice Cream at 10 pm..... we are at war with in ourselves.  
We are attempting to satisfy something  in our soul that is empty or  hurting
A lot like when we were an infant ...... looking for the comfort of our Mothers milk as we were held in her loving arm FEELING safe, secure and loved.
We assoicate Food with meeting a need in our life
through it's taste, texture.... bla bla bla
  (lot's of psycho babble material here)  

Are Diet's Bad?   There are some very good diets out there
Let's face it, people need a jump start to "discipline" themselves to eat certain foods, eliminate certain foods, adjust the times they eat, the amount they eat.
Do you see where I'm going here!

Diets are primarily about "modifying behaviors" 
without saying so.... Changing the way you think, see and behave around foods.

  • That is why MOST diet's work!   
  • That is why MOST people re-GAIN the weight they lost when they are off the diet.  

It's because the DIET needs to be a DIET that STARTS with 
A Diet for your MIND and SOUL   

Your battle is inside your Mind and Heart....  not inside the refrigerator! 

Yes, you can go on a "diet" to lose weight... 
BUT for heaven-sakes... 
think about  
loosing anger, un-forgiveness, fear.... 
JUST as Important as losing FAT

Consider re-thinking "I need to lose weight" by S A Y I N G

"I need to get healthy"
"I need to build up muscles"
"I need to detox my heart and mind"
"I need to nourish my body, mind and soul"
"I need to wake up and make this the Best Day Ever"

I truly believe that when people balance their lives 
(Physically, Mentally and Spiritual) .... They will be in Tip Top Shape!

So plan your attack on "weight loss"  by knowing what the War is really about
Then and only then can you win EACH BATTLE.

Gotta go put  my armor on for the DAY


This blog is MY pep talk to ME!  I pray you benefit from my Journey


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Real quick blog this morning....

Feed your Mind
Feed your Eye's
Feed your Ears
Feed your Sense of Smell
Feed your SOUL


Are you balanced?  I'm not

Are you balanced?  Why not

Are you balanced..... do you think about  W H A T you feed your mind, eyes, ears, nose, SOUL?

Bet ya think a lot about feeding 
your Face 
more than you think about feeding 
your  SOUL.

I'm working on it too!!!

All my blogs this past year and a half are about my self discovery of ME!  It started when becoming HEALTHY became paramount to losing weight.

Ciao and Salute! to Your health and wellness

Is putting food into your mouth like .... ?
It's a different way to look at "snacks" and or "comfort food"
Grow UP!