Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Writing a Book titled: Fred Likes Donuts

Yes,  A  Crazy title of  the book I am writing for my Grand kids  
"Fred Likes Donuts" 

Sometimes it's the ridiculous and silly things that catch our attention.  Eating "Donuts"... really??  Probably one of the worse things to eat.  No nutritional value. Ahhhh,  it is nothing less than pure carnal pleasure to eat a donut.  I hate to say this but I use to love having a warm freshly made glazed donut  .... and Crispy Cream Donuts tapped into decedent treat. Warm sweet melt in your mouth treat.  

                 Gheeze where am I going with this.... well  

I had the joy of  taking my Grand kids once a week  to school.  Of course the incentive was.. "be ready on time  kids and we will stop for a donut on the way to school".  

One morning  I asked my Grand daughter on the way to school “what are you going to do today”?  She   answered “I don’t know”  …. I then quickly responded back to her saying  “Fred likes Donuts….  that’s what you can do today”…and of course I captured her attention with my silly response.  Here is a preview of the  "book" I want to write for my Grand kids.  The Title:

Fred Likes Donuts

The first letter in name 

will remind  you....  "F" stands for  Family and Friends.   

Each day start out by setting a goal to make a new friend or spend time with a friend or family.  Seek opportunities to "be a good friend... brother, sister, cousin, grand kid, daughter, son, nephew, niece"... etc.

The first letter  in the word Likes
will remind  you  "L" stands for Learn 
Each day start out by setting a goal to seek opportunities to LEARN something new.  It could be as simple as learning  the meaning of a word.  It can be learning about others... or learning about yourself.  Learning is what helps us grow and improve ourselves.  when you 

Love to learn and 
L earn to Love ....
This is very powerful. 
------------ Next

The first letter  in the word Donuts 
will remind  you 
about everyday  about making a 
Difference.  You Can Make a Difference! 

Each day start out by setting a goal to seek opportunities to make a difference.  

It is all about the choices you make each day
It is  all about making good choices
It is about being a good Deed Doer
It is all about making a 
positive Difference
You and those around You
Making a difference is as simple as...
Be Positive
Be Helpful
Be Courteous
Be Kind
Be Thoughtful
Be a Good Listener
Be Caring
Be Forgiving
Be Sensitive to others
Be the Best at everything you do
Be a good  DEED DOER
                                       Can you think of some?

Ask yourself  At the End of the Day:

  Did I make any new FRIEND?
  Was I kind and helpful to my FRIENDS or FAMILY ?
  What is something new I LEARN today? 

  Did I make good choices today?  Choices that will make a  positive DIFFERENCE ….for me, for someone else ,   for the maybe ….the world ? Did I do any good Deeds?