Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just say NO or Have a Serious Talk!

I just recently found out   that my cousin was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Our Family has already lost two precious women to Breast Cancer.

My response....  A Serious Committed Talk with God!

The God who created the Heavens and the Earth.  The God who loved us so much that he willingly gave his only Son to die for our sins.    His Son, Jesus who willingly gave his life to suffer a brutal death for our sins....  He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever... therefore, HE still  preforms miracles today and heals today.  I believe it and Claim it!

It was my decision to commit to Prayer and Fasting every Wednesday night
(No dinner and no Food after 6 pm)  My time for my Serious Talk with GOD!

I wanted to make sure I understood how and why Fasting is important.
This  wonderful article (excerpt from a book) about Prayer and Fasting was found.
Click here: Link to Fasting and Prayer

As I read it I found that it relates to my blog about Weight Management and our  Relationship with FOOD!   I've always struggled "fasting" as part of getting a handle on my Weight and Health.
The moment I said to my self that I am going to fast... I have HUNGER PANGS!

This Article has a mention of how food can be our "temptation and weakness".

                    There is a mention of how a Piece of  Pie 
"calls out to us" 
until we give in and EAT IT!  

Remember the show Laugh In  ... where Flip Wilson would say "the devil made me do it"

Funny (but not really), I struggle with not eating after 6 pm (mindless snacking at night) but tonight  (Wednesday night to fast and pray for my cousin)... I had NO PROBLEM,  even as I made my husband a delicious dinner with some of my favorite foods.

WHY?  because I had a PURPOSE!

It makes me think that our ability to discipline ourselves 
(making healthy food choices and resisting mindless eating) 
is really a spiritual struggle.  

Some how,  my desire for being healthy is at times not as strong as my desire for immediate gratification like a  Piece of Pie!   YIKES! 

We resist saying no to ourselves.  

We spoil ourselves ! 
By not wanting to say NO to ourselves.

Ok,  so the truth is ......We're fat and out of shape because we can't say NO TO OUR SELF.  

So ..... I had very little problem saying NO to food when I had a Greater purpose than ME.  

When I turned my focus from my need
 to the need of someone else.

W o w.....

anyway,  I hope you take the time to read the article about Fasting. 

 So many people talk about the Health Benefits of Fasting but miss the REAL TRUE PURPOSE and Beauty of a Fast.

Salute!  Here is to Fasting for...... Health and Wellness,
                                             Spiritually, Physically & Mentally

Do it for You

Do it for Life


(this blog is my continued journey towards true health and wellness)

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