Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have  you ever had one of those days?    

The kind where you feel so unsettled and a little irritable (ok... cranky).


The Nurse is in (self treating myself this morning)

Close your eye's (as I'm doing right now) and slowing breathe asking some important questions 
that reach into the 

THREE area's of your life.

Physically:   What did you eat yesterday?  Refined sugars can lead to depression 
     and reduce immunity
    Ok, so I tried to make some healthy oatmeal cookies with flax seed.  Ah, Crap... I know better than     that!  I used White and Brown Sugar.   This  COULD be part of the problem.

   When did I last exercise?   Yikes.... I've been a little "lax" about that.  Excuse of running around.   Hey, how's my bowels (ok, ya think that's funny but Constipation can alter your well being and health)

    this Holiday season... shopping, cleaning, wrapping...
 I need to put this(exercise) on my Christmas" 
    do list".                                                                                                                                           TAKE CARE OF ME TOO!

    How about possible Vitamin deficiencies?   A lack of Vit B's can contribute to irritability.  Hummm

Ok,  Need to Eat HEALTHY and Exercise today!  

Mentally:    What issues are currently on my plate? WOW, that's a long laundry list!
    Yap, I having some things up in the air, stressful relationships.... money issues, life issues

Ok.... "Allora" as they say in Italy

Do you see the connection?   Is it the Chicken or the Egg?  When your out of sorts "Feeling Stressed and Irritable"  is it because you're lacking Vitamins, Minerals.... Needing to Exercise to Free up and loosen up!  Pent up energy?  

Or is that your stressed mentally and making poor eating choices and too messed up to take care of yourself?


Spiritually:  Oh for heaven's sakes.  This MUST be put in check when "we're feeling out of 
    sorts!".   Why is this the LAST thing we think of?  

Really, Truly, Honestly the Spiritual part of our
   life is the Foundation of our Being.   

   There is a possibility that our Heart is being VEXED with a spiritual battle.  Maybe a subliminal trigger was heard, seen or felt that is causing this "unsettled feeling".  

As it's said in the "GODFATHER" movie.  TAKE IT TO THE MATT and do some spiritual fighting.
Ask the Lord  "what's up?"  "what is coming against me trying to pull me down?"

Ask yourself are your thoughts coming from FEAR?  

I have to remember that unforgiveness, resentments, disappointment are ALL rooted in  FEAR!

 If your thoughts are blossoming from FAITH than you'll be producing lovely, truthful, patient thoughts.  AHHHH HA!   There you go, having to really think about where you are spiritually.

SO,  here is what I choose to do today to combat this "unsettled irritable - almost cranky me".

I'm going to physically right now do 25 jumping jacks (which still takes my breath away)
then drink a big glass of WATER!  (I already had my vit C/Kyo green shake this morning with apple and an orange)
Then I will change my mental thoughts to conform with God's Word (need to get a scripture for warfare).  
Yes, while I do those jumping jacks I'll exercise my mind and spirit by speaking HIS word and Asking for HIS HELP!

Ok,  Allora!

That's all folks


Late Entry (this is what is say as Nurses in the Charting world when we add a "sub note" later)
After completing this blog, it was an amazing release of energy and the "irritability feeling" vanished.  I will OF COURSE, thank God for his Goodness and faithfulness to hear me and heal me. 

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