Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Id, Ego, SuperEgo
Is it any wonder you war within your self when it comes to Eating that Cookie?
Or when you have 30 minutes .... and could, should .... Exercise?

ReFRAME how you think about 
"taking care of you"

R E S P E C T 

Do you have 12 MINUTES ?
You can Lower risk of STROKE and HEART ATTACK by 27%  by doing any moderate-intensity cardio exercise (for example, climbing stairs) 5 days a week

Do you have 2 MINUTES?
You can CUT MUSCLE PAIN by 37% and HEADACHES by 43%  by doing "resistance-band exercise" 5 days a week.

Do you have 10 MINUTES?
 You can ward off OBESITY and METABOLIC SYNDROME by vigorous running or biking once a day.

Do you have 15 MINUTES?
You may help decrease DEMENTIA risk by up to 38%  by doing any moderate-intensity exercise 3 times a week.

Do you have 25 MINUTES?
 You diminish PHYSICAL PAIN by 28%  when you do Non-weight-bearing exercise

( More.com  / December 2011/January 2012  Too Busy to Exercise Article)

So the next time 
 YOUR... "A S K" 
....me no more questions

When you think .... "hey, I should exercise"

Turn it in to

because it says 

"I respect my body"

"I          R E S P E C T      ME"

Ahhhh, how I want to be at a place where I'd rather do 25 jumping jacks than shoval a box of See's Candy in to my mouth

I do know that after 25 jumping Jacks I feel invigorated, healthy... mind is clear
and After a box of See's Candy I feel content for a few minutes until I feel disgustingly fat and will experience a Sugar Hang over the next day (fatigue and depressed)

Wake up..... Look up..... GET UP!


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