Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Nurse is in or What diet are you on NOW?

Red and Yellow, Black and White we are Precious in his Sight.... Jesus loves the little Children... All the Children of the World.

If our creator CHOOSE to make such a variety of people (looks) than... I suppose there is a reason why we "seem" to need so many different Diets!

I mean, honestly... how many car choices are there?  Places to live?  Occupations?

It honestly cracks me up how one diet says... "Banana's are great"... another says "OH, stay away from Banana's on this diet".  Good Fats, Bad Fats... AHHHHHHHH

Yet, as different as we all are.... 
we ALL have the SAME core basic needs.

We will die without proper nutrition and fluids
We will die without being loved
We will die if we choose lifestyle choices that can harm or injure or body's or minds.

Just a quick blog to say.....

What ever YOU think is the right "diet" to choose.... ask yourself these questions:

Does it meet my basic needs of vitamins, minerals and fibers?
Does it address the reason WHY I have gained weight so I don't regain my weight?
Does it provide energy and peace while on it?

If you've read my blogs you know what Diet I believe in .... "NO DIET"

Change your lifestyle choices to bring balance into you your life
with what you choose to  




That's it,  that's all folks

Have a "glorious day".... (very possible when you rest in the knowledge that Your creator is watching over you and ready to meet your needs)


Why don't they take me seriously?

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