Saturday, March 19, 2011

I think I'll be a NUTRITARIAN

It's nice to "belong" to something bigger than yourself! (yikes.... that leaves the door wide open for a joke)

So, I think I now will belong to the up coming new group of " Nutritarians".

It took me a while to figure out that this is a concept like being a Vegetarian.   Execpt, I think its BETTER.

I was startled to find out that this is exactly what I have discovered this past year!  So excited to discover this.

It's all about eating foods that are HIGH in Nutrition!
                                         THAT my friend, is RESPECTING your body

That's it for today!

"I was on the low-Carbohydrate diet for a week
and lost three inches off my smile."

To read more of being a Nutritarian Click on this:   Link to info on Nutritarian

Some  more good info:   LINK: What Dr Oz say's about YOU on a DIET

Ciao and Salute! To  Y O U R  health and Wellness

PS  Don't forget to EXERCISE your MIND, SPIRIT & BODY 

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