Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brush off the cookie crumbs and Listen (or not)

On a vacation once I took a tour bus to see the sights. We had a crazy but fun Bus Driver. Yet, he was somewhat annoying because he would repeat x 2 the names of places we were passing.  After a while we tried laughing it off because it became so ridiculous.  Since then,  I refer to someone being a "bus driver" who  Repeats the same thing, over and over again...

However,  I'm going to be a bus driver here when I say

Losing weight is not the same as Getting Healthy!  
(ask any Anorexic)

Being Healthy is having an Optimal Weight

Although losing weight may increase your level of health, it doesn't guarantee
" Optimal Health"

Especially when you lose weight with a diet that is only about "reducing Calories, or Carbs, or Fats" in your diet.  Or you Lose (waste) Muscle with Fat loss!

WHEN, you face the truth in what it is to be healthy.... 

 you'll develop the right "life style" change(s), 

you will have the correct weight on the scale AND the right Lab values .... 

reduce the risk of disease and .... pre-mature DEATH.

It's not enough to Count Calories or Carbs (but that's a good start)... You need to look at the NUTRITIONAL value of what your eating:

So, when looking at starting a "diet" program... PLEASE, PLEASE look at what nutrition your getting from that diet!  

This is how I view "diets" (yes, I'm very cynical since I've witnessed YO YO diets)

Here is my story about  why "diets" fail:

You have an unkept house, abused furniture and rags for drapes,and it's in need of repairs... and it stinks! (Translation: you're overweight, your skin and hair looks terrible, and you toot a lot!)

You are So Embarrassed to have anyone come over to visit (Translation: you hate how you look and feel and it may even impacts how you socially interact with others)  

In fact, it's gotten so bad YOU don't want to live in your own home, but you make excuses or close your eye's and try ignore it. Try to not having anyone over to visit you. You LOCK THE DOORS. (Translation: you actually feel depressed, lack of energy...discouraged and console yourself with food - turn on the TV and ignore the exercise bike that holds your clothes - you shut down emotionally at the fact that you're overweight and unhappy)  

One day, you finally say "that's enough"... I'm going to do something about it. (maybe you have a class reunion to go to, or a wedding to attend... or your in a wedding!)
So, you work diligently every day, round the clock with blood, sweat and tears to scrub the home, buy new furnishings, repaint, repair.... It's hard but your determined!
(Translation: you buy diet books, programs... pills, drinks... whatever say's  "LOSE 20 pounds in 20 days" and you finally do it (after several failed attempts) and then .....
Wa La.... your home is looking beautiful (Translationyou lost the weight! Hurray).  
All your hard work has paid off.

You can now relax and enjoy your beautiful home (Translation: buy new clothes... feel great).  Maybe you are in a TV commercial... "hey, I lost 50 pounds on the *#&^#* DIET"

  EXCEPT.... slowly your home begins to become unkept again..... furnishing are becoming soiled and tattered.... the smell is returning... ( Translation: ouch, your new clothes start to feel a little tighter... and your tooting again... your gaining your weight back and your digestive system is messed up with you being back to old eating habits)

WHY?  WHY? You know why (great line in the movie: "What happens in Las Vegas"... very funny)  because you never DEALT with the REAL reason why your home became such a reck!  ( Translation: the real reason why you became over weight).  

You're off the diet and eating WHATEVER you want... cuz your OFF THE DIET! 

 ... You ignored and actually refused to deal with the real truth.  
                            The REAL SOLUTION to your Weight Problem!  

Being overweight isn't about Eating too much or the Wrong Foods... or just eating too many calories and not exercising.....
   IT is about being UNBALANCED:  Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

So, when you attempt to lose weight using only the "physical" method of dieting... i.e.
Restrict calories/carbs/fats and exercise.... 

and  if you NEVER deal with the Mental and Spiritual aspect of Weight management
            YOU WILL REGAIN YOUR WEIGHT:  It's a money back guarantee!  

What Am I saying?   Simply this....

                               and you WILL be at your GOAL WEIGHT!

Why you are overweight doesn't have a simple answer.  
      It is complex and individual to each person.

However,  The answer is in YOU!  

You will find out WHY you have gained weight 
when you evaluate the : 
Me, Myself and I in you.

Physically (ME)
You may have physical issues that need to be addressed
  • I know.... the first choice every women claims.... thyroid problem! (ok, maybe ... but read the next line... and that may re-balance your system)
  • It maybe you're lacking certain minerals and vitamins that cause your body to crave sugars/carbs!  
  • YOUR Brain,  Yes,  Read Daniel G. Amen, MD book  "Change your Brain change your Body"
  • Addiction:  yes, some people are addicted to CARBs( aka sugars) like a drug. They just can't say no and eat LARGE portions! Second helpings

Mentally (Myself)?  
Again,  there's scientific proof that there is a relationship between the Mind and the Body
  • You may have self esteem issues, lack of self respect.  Negative thoughts about yourself.  Maybe past hurts are haunting you... Maybe you were raised to see food as  a reward or for the book by Caroline Leaf MD "Who turned off my Brain".   

Spiritually (I) ?  
This is a neglected area in our lives yet everyone will admit (almost everyone)
we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS!  (then take care of it!)
  • Yes, we are at war with are carnal self-  Self indulgence, Self gratification
  •  Food maybe a idol to some (think about it, obsess about what and when we will eat - like a false God)
  • Some use food to fill a void in their life that Only Christ can fill.  Searching for satisfaction and peace (food provides this but it only Temporary)


        You may not be able to discover the reasons right away ... but while your searching..

Here are my 5 suggestions on how to start the journey of changing your lifestyle  

1.  I suggest you Keep a daily journal (keep it with you- always)
Asking yourself these questions:  
When do I eat? 
Why do I eat? 
Where do I eat?
How am I feeling before I eat? When I eat?... After I eat?
What do I say to myself when I look through a Menu at a Restaurant?
How do I make a choice of WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat and WHY I am eating?

2.   Start looking at food as Healthy or Un-Healthy choices  
Grade it by the following guidelines:
  • Detox out of your life: JUNK FOOD (come on... you know what what that is)
  • Does it have Nutritional Value (vitamins, Protein, Iron, Fiber.. etc)Is there more Calories (units of energy) than Nutrition? 
  • Can it be grown?  If so, is it organic? :)
  • Is it fresh (if it can spoil... your on the right track)  Hey,  does anyone know...What is the life span of a Hostess Twinkie? How about a power bar ? 
  • Is there colored food at each meal?

3. Keep a daily record of Caloric intake (lots of great App's to use)
    DO YOU KNOW how many calories you need each day to sustain your weight
    or shall I say... do you know how many calories you need to lose weight
    or shall I say... do you KNOW how many calories you EAT a day?

    Is your portion larger than a "suggested serving"?  Yes, it states on any
    nutritional label what the suggested serving size is...  oh my... 

HEY YOU....How about you eating your salad on a dinner plate
  and your dinner on a salad plate?

4. Start using POSITIVE words, self talk (talk nice to yourself)
     say "I WILL" weigh  ______ (your goal weight)
     say "I CHOOSE to be Healthy"
     say "I WILL do this"
     say "I respect ME and will take care of ME"
     Speak words of Encouragement and Power ( found in Scriptures)
     Find those Scriptures that you can call on when tempted to
     eat Mindlessly (meaning, when your not even hungry) or
     eat foods that are NOT a healthy choice.
    I mean to actually say out loud when tempted to eat unhealthy food

5. Come on....MOVE, MOVE, MOVE IT...
    Move your body ... skip through the house, don't walk!! Dance!
                make an appointment with yourself to do something active and fun!
    Move your bowels... drink 8 glasses of water  DAILY as a minimum! &
                                   EAT LOTS OF FIBER
    MOVE your SPIRIT...  by exercising and DETOXING your spiritual being from
            unforgiveness (towards others  and yourself)
            Look for things that make you LAUGH, DANCE, SING!
                          PRAY... TALK to the God who created you DAILY,
                    He who knows you!
                        The God who care's about YOU!  
                        The God who has given you the "instruction manual" (bible)  
                          for you to live a successful amazing LIFE 
                         (you only get one life, and one time to do it right)

This is a journey towards Optimal Health.  
                       Plan it, and then Do it.

A journey takes time ( a life time) ... self discovery along the road ... 
           enjoy the journey...   be patient with yourself...  

    When you fall (and you will) ... 
              get up, and brush off the cookie crumbs & wipe the fudge off your face and
                         stand tall with good posture !!!!  continuing the journey 
                                              to your Optimal "Health and Wellness"


Psalm 23:3   

He refreshes my soul. 

He guides me along the right paths 

   for his name’s sake

(PS  This is MY journey)

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