Friday, November 5, 2010

Poetry of Speech - Singing for the Health of your Soul

That music in itself, 
whose sounds are song,

The poetry of speech
~Lord Byron

Music moves our souls......directs our thoughts and Moves our bodies
It isn't any wonder why church services start with Music 
How about the music heard at a football game?
 the atmosphere at a Concert or  ballet 

Every car Must must have a radio/CD player
Restaurants, Hotel lobbies, Elevators, Stores.... 
Music filling the air..... 

Because Music touches our souls

the rhythm like the beating heart and the movement 
we experienced in our mothers womb

It stirs us, heals us, invigorates us.... unites us

This morning I captured a moment when I stood in the kitchen and 

found myself with eye's closed signing "out loud"  
(but softly so I wouldn't scare my husband)
... a hymn.

As I sang in that moment I acknowledged and relaxed my shoulders, controlled my breathing and focused my thoughts on the Savior of my soul.  It was so calming...

Then the thought occurred.... the healing, powerful qualities of our singing. 
It took me in that moment to another place.... 

refocused my thoughts
calmed my body... soothed my spirit

How amazing that the quality of our voice doesn't even matter... especially when we sing from our hearts.  It's true when someone sings from their heart it is appreciated (at least for a few moments)

How wonderful that at almost any given moment we can break out in a song.... 
OUR CHOICE to take our moment and find soothing peace....
Singing can take us into another world

ok.... OUR CHOICE to turn our world upside down by listening to up beat invigorating music.

I just saw a commercial for an exercise program "Zumba"... ALL about the music!!!
It changes the psyche! It motives.... 

I often wish my life were like a musical..... people just break out signing together !  
Dancing , singing.... LOL

Psalm 98

 1O sing unto the LORD a new song 
for he hath done marvellous things...

So, I impart to you today..... for your Health and wellness


     As though no one is watching you
                 As though you have never been hurt before
                   As though no one can hear you
                           Live as though heaven is on earth

                                 Laugh until you fall doubled over trying 
                                      to catch your breath...   
                                      (when is the last time you laughed like that!)

Ciao and Salute! to your health and wellness

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