Saturday, November 6, 2010

Detox to restore Balance or A 20 lb bag of Life

How far could you walk if you held a 20 lb sack with one hand?

Most of us have learned to hold something very heavy in two hands or arms and to use our back to help balance ourselves.

Following my theme of Balance.... same truth is applicable whether we are taking in the physical, mental or spiritual realm.

Do you remember during the 60's (talking to my peer's)  when we had the Hippee and Jesus Movement?

Remember those with the gigantic cross hanging from their neck with a Bible in tow?   Although I grew up in the Church and even had the privilege of going on a mission's trip.... those people freaked me out.

Come-on.... get real!   Although the message they wanted to present was "hey, look at me... I'm a Christian"... we learned down the road that it was in a person's actions that they are known to be a Christian.  Even then.... people would judge others actions and then call the "imperfect"
      Christian a  hypocrite or mock them

Not sure why I'm on this subject.  My point was  and is BALANCE.....

If you believe in being Healthy and Eating Healthy... don't become a "NUT" (go to the extreme)
If you believe in being a Christian and walking the Talk .... don't become a fanatic-
   untouchable to  others.
If you believe in being a intellectual giant.... don't get so grand in your thinking that you eliminate  the
   simple people in your life.
If you choose to GIVE - do it "quietly"  as to not draw attention to yourself

Any way.... I choose to be balanced in my thinking, acting, reaching, loving.... giving...

So, when I think of a task or thought  .... I will remember the person carrying a 20 lb sack with one hand and then I'll STOP, BREATHE and GIVE THOUGHT if I'm balanced.

LETS DO THIS TOGETHER!  I'll be the one on the Left, ok?

NOW... GO EXERCISE your body and while you exercise - place your thoughts in who you are spiritually.... meditate upon his word... pray and give praise  (accomplish two things at once)
THEN  GO EXERCISE your Will to choose life giving foods - colorful, fresh foods!

DRINK your water to detox your body  (kidneys detox our bodies)
BREATHE deeply to detox your body (lungs detox our bodies)
CAPTURES YOUR THOUGHTS - (forgivingness is  a detoxification)
HAVE a GRATEFUL HEART and Speak HIS word... Very Healthy! 

 Salute!  To your health and Wellness   

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