Monday, August 2, 2010

Change is in Your Pocket

Yesterday as I made a choice to go for a quick walk, I was inspired with a thought.

Now, mind you I've just finished reading a Book The Gift in You by Dr. Caroline Leaf. She spoke of how God created our minds (our gift).  Just like our finger print, the way we think is that different and unique.... No two people think exactly in the same pattern. Intriguing book.  Then she speaks that "our gift" can be blocked.  Blocked by memories of fear, unforgiveness, resentments... yes.... NEGATIVE, TOXIC thoughts.  God wants for us to use "our gift" for him.

So, when this thought came to me, I saw the glory of how God speaks to us.  I guess during my walk/run my mind is clearer and open to listening (multi tasking since I'm also listening to up lifting music).  Plus, my purpose of this walk/run is to pray for my family and friends... fellowship with the Lord....
 Strengthening my walk with the Lord  happens as I choose to  walk/run with Him.  
 In return I am blessed with physical and mental strength. 

Ok, getting to my inspirational thought. (GeeWhiz, I also like the one in blue above!)

It is clearly OUR CHOICE to stop a  bad habit or to develop a new habit.
But, this means we must make a change in our life.  This change must come from Deep within our self.  It must be a honest, truthful, sincere DESIRE. An almost passionate Desire. It takes commitment and hard work!

The Sweet Choices in our Life that bring us JOY

CHOICES  we desire to make in our life take CHANGE .
We only get that CHANGE when we reach deep into OUR pocket.

We have CHANGE  available in our pocket when we commit to WORKING for it.

Know that your choice's will takes Change
 Change comes from Working

Your choice, Your Change, Your Work

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness

And he said unto me
My grace is sufficient for thee
for my strength is made perfect in weakness
Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that 
the power of Christ may rest upon me.

  My prayer for you today is that you also will  Walk/run in His Strength

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