Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Living in the Moment

Fear can Rob you of your Joy
Worry can Rob you of your Health
Toxic emotions: Anger, Unforgiveness, Resentment, Envy can Rob you of your peace

When you choose to live in the Moment You have to consciously take your thoughts and turn them towards what is happening at that moment.

The Phrase "stop and smell the Roses..." is just about that.

STOP your thoughts of something in the past and something in the future and turn towards where you are at that moment. 
LOOK around you "what do you See"
LISTEN to your heart at that moment...
                       (Like you tell the kids when they are learning to cross the street. 
                              If they don't stop, look and listen they can get hit by a car)

CHOOSE to see around you with the "eye's of Christ.
CHOOSE to hear with the ear's of Jesus
CHOOSE to listen to melody of that environment

This mean's when you stop and see the overcast sky.... you may say - "there is a sun hiding behind all that"  POSITIVE THOUGHTS
You may see a see of humanity at the store - right in front of you in the check out lane.  Embrace the moment and see those people as Christ would.  Notice their face-  wonder about their story .... may contemplate about that...
Or the opportunity to STAND still for a moment in a line.... BREATH!  
CHOOSE to see life in a whole new way.

Point is.... my quest for Health and Wellness goes beyond the number on the scale.
It goes beyond the number on the lab test.  It goes beyond, into the place where you
elevate your thoughts towards WHO YOU ARE in Christ and WHY YOU'RE even alive.

It's the health and well being of your thoughts and how you enjoy your life.

Don't allow yourself to be ROBBED today.  
(sometimes our own thoughts are the thieves that rob us).  

Take a Moment to ask the Lord to help you LIVE IN THE MOMENT!

Yesterday I noticed the beautiful Coronado Bridge.  It was a thought of how I hate to drive on the outside lane over this very high bridge over water.  Yet, in order to get to a favorite Hotel of mine, The Hotel Del.... It's the best way to get there with out driving miles out of the way.  

Yes, just like the Royal Gorge Bridge... the highest suspension Bridge in the US (maybe the world).  The view is incredible on this bridge.... but freakin crazy scary to me since under your feet are wood planks that you can see between.  Yes, you can see to the bottom of the gorge! Ahhh the view, spectacular.  When you get to the other side there's so much to do and see at this tourist destination in Colorado.  You just HAVE to get across the bridge to have the opportunity to enjoy what's waiting for you. 

Well,  it's a truth in life.  Sometimes we need to go out of our comfort zone to get somewhere.  Sometimes we need to take a very high Bridge in our life.

Find the strength and courage in HIM.  
Trust HIM.  
Don't allow yourself to be robbed of the enjoyment of the amazing view from that bridge  on your path.  It's a beautiful, spectacular and amazing life when your not robbed by your fears.

I sought the LORD, and he answered me; 
he delivered me from all my fears.

Again,  live in the moment without fear... trusting Him.

Live it, Love it....

Salute!  To your health and Wellness 

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