Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who is stealing your Joy

                                                      Fear is the culprit that Rob's us of our JOY

One of my recent readings

Book: The Gift in You
By Dr. Caroline Leaf
Chapter 13 (Love and Fear)

As we've learned, an attitude is a cluster of thoughts with emotional flavor, and every type of emotion has one of only two roots - love or fear.1  Love and fear are the root emotions, and all other emotions grow from these.

The discovery that love and fear cannot coexist in our brains is revolutionary.  In fact, scientist have researched the anatomy and physiology of love and fear right down to a molecular, genetic and epigenetic level that can be described in detail. 

1.( Per,C.B. 1997. Molecules of Emotion: Why you feel the way you feel. Simon adn Schuster.UK.

If you say.... "what fear?"  Then stop and ask the Lord what is robbing your joy?
If unforgiveness, resentments, anger, disappointment all stem from Fear then..... well.  Clean house.
Ask the Lord  "what is blocking my Joy?".

I do believe when I reach for "food" and I'm not even hungry.... It's a sign
(if I'll be honest and think about it) .

The sign is  "I'm looking for something to satisfy me.... either fill a void or cover something up.

Dig deep!   It's part of detoxing our self.  Yes, what a concept.  We've talked and heard about "detox our colon".  Well, get on board and detox the colon of your mind and spirit!

You know what I'm talking about.


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