Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Masters

I started this journey last year.  The desire to become "healthy".   It was prompted from the fact that I just didn't feel well most of the time.  My main complaint was I'd feel at times off balance, sometimes queasy like a mild morning sickness.  But, I dismissed it and said that it was menopausal type symptoms and just getting older.  Then one day as I squatted down to pick up my grandson I couldnt' get back up!  No strength in my legs to do so.  I saw my body becoming more flabby and NO way wanted to play at the pool with my Grand kids in a swim suite.  What was going on!  Then I thought about the fact that my family gene pool produced women that lived into their 90's.  Oh, my Lord!  I still had 40 years left.  NO way did I want to feel and act like this for the next 40 years.  So, my quest wasn't about "losing weight".  But, that was the starting point.

To lose weight I knew as a Registered Nurse, was more than just reducing calories.  It was burning calories.
That rolled into exercise.  Now, I had tried the whole enchilada of losing weight to get skinnified many, many times.  Back in High School when I gained weight after I stopped walking to Jr. High and riding in a car to High School I gained weight.  After the birth of my first Child.... had to loose weight.  None of these times were more than 15-20 pounds but non the less, I had to actively lose weight.  I've tried it all.  Low Carb (seemed to work best for me), Lemon water diet, starvation diet....  etc.  Yes, I had enough success but it was always such a tremendous struggle.  But, this last time I had weight to lose...  Nothing.   I joined the menopausal women who say "I just can't seem to lose weight".

Then last year I came to the place as I have said where I just did not feel healthy.  Thank God I'm not on any medications or have any diagnosis of illnesses and or diseases.  Yet, I had to accept   my body was showing signs of aging and I felt old.

This time, I started the road to losing weight and increasing my body strength with journalizing (blog). I was on the Road to finding the answer while journalizing.
I  have discovered  many truths.

The most significant truth was the need to bring balance in my life. To acknowledge the  "whole me".  Mind, body and Spirit.   This then lead into the idea of  15/15/15 .

                              15 minutes a day for each area of our life: 
15 minutes of exercise/activity (minimum)
15 minutes of learning something new (reading, studying)
15 minutes of feeding our spirit with prayer and reading God's Word.

Next, I was hit from many directions with the concept of "Habits".
Things we do habitually, with no effort or thought.  We just do them.  I heard speakers on this subject, and came across authors who talked about "habits".  So, I then desired to change some of my habits and develop new habits.  I knew that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

There you have it in a few paragraphs.
Balance  in our Lifes
21 days

My formula to developing habits that lead to a  a balanced, healthy life.

Now even  9 months after starting this I still am finding things to think about and integrate into this formula for success.

I've heard it from so many people (myself included)  evening's are the worse time.  Wanting to snack at night.   In all honesty, I did that last night.  I saw the clock it was almost 10 pm.   So, I choose a "healthy" snack and rationalized it was ok since it was healthy.  But, I knew I wasn't hungry, didn't need it.... and chose to not quote scripture to have the power to just get a cup of tea instead.  W H Y !!! (a silent scream into the night..) do I do that!

This morning as I looked at my bible on my desk open to the book of Matthew, I ask God. What is this struggle, even 9 months later.  I have the tools to say no.  Your word.  I have the desire to say no.  Yet, I still do what I shouldn't do (I've blogged on this before and provided scriptures about Paul's struggles)

There it was "Matthew 6:24
you cannot serve two masters....

Self (carnal, lust... self serving.... feeding our lust and need for instant gratification)
Spirit (created in his Image, filled with His Spirit.... walking in Love, Faith, Hope)

That is it!  

Ephesians 6:10-20  

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, .....


Matthew 6:24  

 No one can serve two masters. 
Either he will hate the one and love the other, 
or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other

This is true!   This is why my journey to health and wellness wasn't just about changing my diet and  exercising.  It was about knowing WHY I wasn't healthy. Looking at me as a Spirit, Soul and Body. The whole me.
 It's much deeper than a diet or exercise plan.
 It was about  examining and talking an apprasial of my Spirit and Mind  NOT just my body.

Why do I make the choices I make?  It wasn't just about my body getting healthy.

It was my mind that needed a change in it's  "diet" and needed exercise. 

It was my Spirit that needed a change in "diet" and exercise.

 It's been a fabulous Journey.

Like Dorothy on the way to the Emerald City. 
She was on a journey down a  yellow brick road on her way to see someone to give her the answer.  
Oh, what and who she met along the way.  She met her "fears"
And just think about where she was going.  Emerald city,  a magical place, full of fun, happiness.. and Perfection.  What she really found was herself.  What was really important.  Being with those she loved and loved her.   la ta dee da!  There I go again.... off into my la la land of thinking.  Ya whooeee, I love it.   Well, silly but I find examples of truths in the strangest places!  
Bottom line was she had the answer with her all the time. 
She just couldn't see it until she had to make the journey to find it.

 We have the answer "inside us".  Of course, we were  Created in the image of GOD!  Our struggle (as I see it) is our wanting to be our own GOD.  Then we say we want to Serve God.  Well,  You can't serve two GOD's. It's either Him or You.  My will, or His will.

My confession today:
I  choose today to serve my Lord and Savior Christ.  To walk with him.  To hear, speak and see the world through Him.   I was made for God's pleasure.  He has told me through his word that he desire us to live life with Joy.  He desires to Bless me.  He has prepared a place in Eternity for me. I going to live as I was created to live.  In victory, stength and JOY!

Ok, I've got it (once again)  I will put my choices today in check.  I'll check if my choice will bring Glory to God or to me.   My war is inside my self. Which GOD will I serve today. 

I will, I will, I will do His will, His will, His will.


Ephesians 6: 10
Last of all I want to remind you that your strength must come from the Lord's mighty power within you.  

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