Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Never give up

Let's try this again.

Starting July 1st I will attempt (no cross out that word : attempt) I WILL
make choices that become a constant lifestyle choice (habit!)

I believe the truth is I need to choose 3 habits for the next 21 days - Just THREE

After reviewing the last few times of "21 days to health and wellness" I found a weakness

"consistency" well, that's always been my weakness. Doing something the same way more than once (ha)

So, knowing my weakness is the .....

First Step to success-
The next step is making a commitment to "my choice"

Step two - be realistic in my goal: Choice ONLY three things

Step three - Use the right tools to accomplish my choices / create the environment for success

Step four - Motivation / Passion / Loving ME enough to "do it": the tool is my spiritual walk
my spiritual talk becoming the walk

Step five - Accountability towards these steps.

Hear goes:
Step One: I AM COMMITTED to Being "Healthy and Well". I am committed to being my best
Spiritually, Physically, Mentally. I am committed to Taking CARE OF ME!
Step Two: 1. Write down what I eat when I eat it! (accountability) . 200 calories each meal (three healthy meals) and each snack (2 snacks)
2. 30 Minutes every MORNING! No EXCUSES!!!
3. 15/15/15 This is my daily choice to Pray & Read the Word of God
This is my daily choice to Learn (read, Italian lessons or Piano)
This is my daily choice for activity (although for 21 days it's 30 minutes since My goal is weight loss )
Step Three: Tools: Wii, I-Phone music, Note's about the house/car.... Alarms to remind me. Keep a Daily Sheet of paper to record food (until I can transfer to Livestrong Web site I have chosen). That makes me think I'm going to wear a
waterproof bracelet to Remind me... focus, "taking care of me"
Step Four: Journalize is what I found keeps me focused and motivated -
Step Five: Journalize is what keeps me accountable. And the MIRROR doesn't hurt!

I have MY choices - THREE THINGS for 21 days! Three things to the road of Health and Wellness.


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