Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Closer

It occurred to me recently when discussing "diets". It appears when someone is "on a diet" they speak passionately about their choice. No "open mind" ... closed to any suggestion that there may be flaws, or another diet may be a better choice.

Then the light clicked on ! Of course, you have to BUY into what your doing to be successful. You have to lock out any other ideas .... and run with it!
So, the target population to address are the one's that are OPEN ( mostly because they've failed at what they have tried)

In my endeavor to discover the "truth" about losing weight, I have become equally passionate about my choice.... Ummmm but in seeking a diet, I found something Bigger and Better and ...

So far:
We are creature that are ruled by habits
Habits are developed by a choices
Choices are made by our thoughts
thoughts are taking what we see, hear, feel and either accepting them or "deleting" them.

We are a product of OURSELVES! Think about that....

Stay tuned, more to follow!


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