Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preparing for Success - Tomorrow DAY 1

In Preparation for Tomorrow's beginning another "21 day to health and wellness"

I've been thinking tonight....

Although day ONE should be a "fast" I know that this would be difficult. No explanation... just a set up for failure (me). Yet, it would be a good idea. But, it should be the day before the 21 day.

Next, I need to make more of a committed time to my 15/15/15. Too many times the day has slipped by and I didn't accomplish my goal.

Then, I need to make sure that the time I commit to is reasonable given my schedule (crazy travel schedule).

Here it is:
Wake up and have my coffee, bowl of Cream of Wheat (<200>
this dovetails into my scripture for the day... which leads into prayer. WOW so efficient and reasonable of a plan IT"S ONLY TAKEN ME 8 Months to get this! But, enough! I got it going now! YEA :)

No matter if it's a travel day, work day, day at home... what ever I CAN DO THIS every single day! And I will do it for the next 21 days!

Then that takes care of the first "15"

The next "15 " is my exercise.... Although since I'm attempting to decrease my BMI (nice, positive way to say lose weight") I will headed for 30 minutes.

I have found that after journalize and getting my scripture for the day I am energized and motivated so, of course it's "stretching time". Now, I know myself. If I say "exercise" I still have a little "tude" doing. So, I say "stretch" and magically.... it turns into exercise. This is true. I get my body moving and it tells my mind "this is good" and next thing I know ... I'm doing it!

Now, I've accomplished my two 15/15's by the time I start my day. YEA!

the last of the three 15's is mostly before bed, because it's reading, studying. Perfect before bed. Keep my book by my bed (which ever I am reading).
This doesn't mean that I'm not reading, practicing piano or Italian during the day, BUT I'm committed for 21 days to read for 15 minutes each night before bed. Something I can learn AND ALWAYS reading the scripture again before I close my eye's and Thank God.
Counting my blessings (instead of sheep, although I've never counted Sheep, oh my what a thought, sheep.... yikes). No matter how the day went.... No matter how I did for the day with making healthy food choices..... I WILL Thank God for the day and the opportunity to do better tomorrow.

Now, although You (whoever you are) thinks ... "hey, what about food (diet)..." go back and read my multi entries in my previous 21 day adventures.

In a "nut shell" - Choose foods with color and nutrition. Journalize everything you eat during the 21 day's. Weigh every morning after you pee (yes I said pee). When tempted to eat a NON nutritional food - STOP "close your eyes" and then say "Only Christ can satisfy my needs".
or "I don't need it, it's not good for me... therefore I don't want it!". OR use the scripture for the day to have God's strength!

I'm still working on doing these things in social settings, (good to recognize weakness so it can be worked on)
But, I have mastered looking at pastries, candies, deserts... etc and saying "they are poison to my body" AND it's TRUE!

There you have it... formula for success!

Salute! To YOUR health and wellness

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