Sunday, February 28, 2010

are you listening?

I wanted to jot this down

When I'm having a time talking with the Lord.... I'm multi tasking!
Well, true.

As I'm giving him praise, talking to him... I get distracted and have to pull myself back.

I guess it would be different if he were standing next to me. Because that would be rude to be talking yet looking elsewhere.

I know I hate when I'm talking to my loved one and they are looking like they aren't paying attention. Even more rude, when they want to respond.... I walk away or start talking again. Not giving them a chance to "engage" in a conversation. Just a one way talk.

I've been thinking about how much I love the Lord and wonder ... well, no not wonder.
I know that I do this to God.
I talk... want him to listen... but then seldom give a moment of silence and time to HEAR Him. (I'm not talking about time with the Word-Bible). I'm talking about throughout the day... little conversations with the Lord. (such precious moments of engaging Him in my daily life).

I'm rambling.... bye

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